Sweet child of mine

There’s not much to report on the closet this morning. Yesterday we had a Baptism to go to for our nephew and while I tried to remove the rest of the frame before getting ready to leave I ran into trouble.

I removed 3 of the beams without trouble but when trying to get the last three out I had a really tough time. Many of the screws were over drilled and too far into the wood to reach with the drill bit. I got a screwdriver and was able to manually unscrew a few enough to the point that I could us the drill but some are stuck in there good and I am not strong enough. Also there is a screw head that is stripped because they just didn’t stop drilling I suppose.

I was getting flustered and a little disappointed that I would need help but thankfully Aidan seems happy to give me a hand. We were going to try to do it last night after we came home from the party, but Maddox and Logan were not about it. So we just enjoyed the boys instead.

Today is Maddox’s first birthday. I am going to sound like every other parent on the planet right now when I say I can’t believe he is one! It went by so fast. Too fast. My sweet baby. My last baby. He’s a pain in the ass sometimes but he really is the sweetest, funniest little boy you can imagine.


He’s walking, almost running even. He’s trying to talk and already says more than a few words. Dada is his favorite to say! He calls me Dada unless he’s crying then he says Mama. He says his brother and sisters names and calls the cat something I can’t quite make out.

He has the personality if a comedian and kisses Logan goodnight every night by toddeling into their room once Lo is in bed and leaning over the bed railing to give him a kiss. It’s the sweetest thing ever.


Last night when I was giving him kisses and hugs and telling him about his birthday I said that I only have 17 more of these days left. I was really sad to think about that just because with Regina turning 18 next month I know all too well how fast those 17 years are going to fly by. My stance has changed from OMG I have another how many years left?! To slow down, life is moving too fast!


Happy birthday munchkin and a wish for a hundred more, we love you so, so much xoxo!



3 thoughts on “Sweet child of mine

  1. I have 2 my first isn’t turning 18 but 3 lol but I completely understand the “omg another one” then the feeling of them growing way to fast.

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