Dinner’s back on the menu

I decided to get back on track with cooking. I’ve been off the rail for what feels like months, maybe it has been that long, but probably more like weeks. Anyway, skimpy dinners of what ever or take out are done.

Yesterday Regina and I did a decent sized food shop and I planned out a menu for the week. Nothing fancy, but loads better than hot dogs or hamburgers and Chinese. Last night I made sloppy joe’s (homemade Pioneer Woman’s), tonight I am making Chicken and white bean chili, Tuesday will be kabob’s on the grill, Wednesday is zuppa toscana, Thursday will be leftovers, Friday is frozen pizza and salad and Saturday will be something with ground beef, maybe empanandas.

It feels good to have a plan in place and everything I need to do get it done. Having a plan saves my brain during the day and make Aidan happy that we aren’t wasting money on pizza.

We should be using the grill more but Aidan broke his toe last week (split it from the tip to his foot — OMG it’s bad) and I don’t want him to have to be on it more than he should. As for me — I have never grilled before! Seriously, maybe it’s time to learn. On Tuesday when he gets home from work I’ll ask him to show me how to light the grill and what to do. He can boss me around from a patio chair ;)

Well, the babies are up and fussing already. I am going to try posting some pictures later today, we will see how that goes :)


2 thoughts on “Dinner’s back on the menu

  1. I’m a firm believer in planning my meals too, though I often fall off that band wagon too. It really does help to have the plan in place rather than buying staples and deciding as we go.

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