Time to myself

Regina came home from California yesterday morning and I was so happy to see her. She looked so glamorous getting out of the Uber car dropping her off. Her long black hair in a top knot, her sunglasses on, a really nice California hoodie and shorts and sandals. I can’t believe she is so grown up. She said she had fun on the trip but didn’t get to go into LA. I know she was disappointed about that but she did a lot of other cool things and had fun anyway.

As she was telling me about her trip and the castle they visited (a famous one half in a mountain over looking the beach — the name I forget) her eyes were lit up with amazement while telling me the castles past. Her expressions were of amazement and I just felt so happy that she was able to experience such a wondrous monument and really appreciate the experience.

After her being here for about 45 minutes her girlfriends came over and whisked her away. Aidan took the boys to his parents house for a visit and I got very drunk and cleaned. I love cleaning alone. It’s such a weird thing to love but I was able to clean our room and the boys room, start some laundry, and drink, drink, drink way too much.

I called my mom and we chatted. Why not be lit when talking to her, right? She is denying her drinking problem and avoiding calling a doctor that she was referred to about a spot that was found on her liver during a CT scan. She also has to go to a neurologist but didn’t hesitate to make that appointment. She is going to NYC next weekend with my dad to see a play but when she gets home she promised to make the appointment. I am very much like my mom and I am upset with myself for the drinking I did yesterday. I’m not beating myself up or anything but I know I have it in me to become like her so I need to just not drink. Really.

Aidan was happy when he arrived home and found that I didn’t start any projects. He said he was worried about what he might have found when he got back here. He asked me not to tear any walls down and I gave him my word though, so instead of doing exciting demolition after cleaning I painted my finger and toe nails. :) And then passed out on the couch in a drunken stuppor while watching an episode of Devious Maids.

After I sobered up we took the boys to see fireworks in a nearby town. They were supposed to start at dusk but they didn’t until almost 10pm. That was late for the babies but they didn’t get fussy or cranky. Maddox actually fell asleep on my lap in the middle of the show. Yep, he slept through loud ass fireworks. LOL

Well, the boys are up, have a great day!


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