Diaper Cakes for the Newbies

Aside from all of the bad things that have been occupying my mind and time some good has also been going on around here. There were two new babies added to the family! Both babies are boys and for each of the baby showers I made pretty awesome diaper cakes.

These were a lot of fun to put together and with Regina’s help they were also easy. The first one was for my sister in law. She didn’t know what she was having so we did a gender neutral theme:

I am quite proud of this and think it turned out adorable considering I had never made one before :)

The second one we made was for my niece who knew she was having a boy. We were going for a Hungry Caterpillar theme but then just went with Eric Carle in general:

I told Aidan that I’d love to make these and sell them! I don’t know if people would buy them though and they are very expensive to make. They take time with shopping and setting up so I don’t know how much profit I’d see for it to be worth it.

Each cake averaged $95 just to make so.. I guess I could look for better deals for the goodies online in bulk to cut costs back but I don’t even know if there is even a market for these. It would be so much fun though! I wish I knew more people who were having babies!




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