American Kid

Yesterday went okay. Marshal was upset with me at the probation meeting because I was honest about him not listening to me at home and about my concern for him and all of the weed he smokes. He kept saying that I just want him placed out of our home and all I could say was that I want him to be safe.

In my opinion the police are treating him as public enemy number one and I know that is a bit dramatic but they don’t care for him and want to catch him doing anything at this point. He doesn’t realize what a dangerous position that puts him in, especially when he tends to panic and run. Sigh.

The intake officer was nice enough and explained to him that only in the very worst case scenarios will they remove him from the home. I wish he would understand that I only want the best for him, better for him than he has been giving himself lately. He will need to go to court because this is the second time he’s been arrested and will likely be put on probation again. That’s a good thing because it will keep him in the mindset that he can’t get into trouble. It’ll give him some time to cool out and hopefully get the cops off his back.

I think we will end up with family therapy again. That really is a pain but honestly it really does help so much. It’s hard to admit that our life is so difficult and not just a regular do what you need to do and get on with life ordeal. It’s hard to admit that we are messed up but I’m not one to ignore that and I try so hard to get everything moving in the right direction. I just want these kids to be okay and not filled with hate for what they went through in their childhood for the rest of their lives.

I keep hearing that song American Kids by Kenny Chesney in my mind. That’s how I feel about my life, I hope when the kids are my age they will feel the same.



6 thoughts on “American Kid

  1. Posting after a baby is so freaking tough. I’m so tired… my brain is mush and I wonder if my blogging days are coming to an end… Is that how you feel? Because this sucks! O hope you are doing better….I miss ya girl!


    1. I just don’t have time it’s rough! I really want to write but I seriously can’t find the time. Unless I stay up super late but I can’t keep my eyes open past 9 :( I miss you!


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