“Mom, do you have a pair of socks?”

This boy. I seriously bought him 26 pairs of socks for Christmas. Twenty Six. A whole months worth, just about. Combined with all of the other socks he had and has stolen from us.. I’d say he has at least 40 pairs down there.

What fucking nerve.

“I promise I’ll start my wash today.”

His problem.

I can’t give him socks because I myself only have maybe 6 pairs. I do my laundry when I need and if I’m late by a day or two I’m stuck wearing slipper socks. My problem. I don’t try robbing other people or asking other people. I get my shit done and move on.

I really need a shower.

Aidan’s been leaving early for work so he can get home before 7pm. It’s better that he gets home early but it’s harder in the mornings. Plus I don’t know why but I’ve been having a very hard time waking up lately. Like super hard Regina-needs- a-ride-to-school-now late.

Sigh. That’s why I haven’t been writing for a few days either.

Mommy needs to hibernate. And not be harassed about socks.

Well, the kids are up, have a great day. I’ll try to write more later if they take a nap at the same time. har har har.


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