Say Cheese :)

I realize that I haven’t posted any pictures lately so I thought I’d add some from my phone. Looking through them though I realize that I haven’t been taking too many! I hardly have any new pictures of Logan on there. I feel very bad about that!

There are a few of Maddox though eating his toes while I was trying to feed him real food. He LOVES eating his toes. Some babies like it, he loves it and will chew on them any chance he gets:

And here is one of him in the bath. I was trying to make a mohawk of his hair but it just kept curling over which was funny. Most of his birth hair fell out except for the top which makes it super long — and fun:


Here is one of the boys playing kitchen together the other day while I was playing in my kitchen. I thought it was so awesome that they were playing together:


This is Logan and I just hanging out. I thought this was taken after I darkened my hair but it was not! It’s even darker now and maybe someday I’ll show you:


This is Maddox in his most favorite outfit of mine. I had to take a picture because it isn’t going to fit him for long.. Behind him is the fireplace I haven’t ripped out yet but will soon!


This last picture is of the desk and filing cabinet I got last year as well as the new wall color. Don’t look at the wood work, it still needs to be done. And don’t look at the picture frames stacked on the desk, they need a home. And ignore the door that needs to be painted. Also the lamp isn’t staying there. Just look at the wall and the desk lol:


Well, have a great day! Good luck to those of you playing the lottery! Scarlet had a good point that it would probably change someone too much but I’m still hoping to win ;)


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