Avoiding the monster kitchen by writing

Freezer cooking round one — check!

Yesterday I finished cooking up the chicken breasts that were marinading in the fridge. These too are for the freezer but I used a few for dinner last night as sandwiches and they were a crowd-pleaser.

There are a few more pasta recipes and casseroles that I want to make for the freezer also but guess what.. I don’t have any room left in there! That thing is filled to the brim. It’s a nice feeling but also aggravating when trying to get something in or out.

Marshal and a school update..

Yesterday was a follow up for Marshal’s truancy court. He still isn’t in a smaller school and the judge was pretty fierce about the school dragging their feet. In all fairness to the school winter break happened so that took a week and a half away for them but it has been a month so I’m glad that the fire was lit. I’m super happy actually. So was Marshal. I’ve not seen him smile that hard since Christmas and before that his birthday.

I love him so much and just want him to be happy and get a high school diploma. And not go to jail. Or be bad. Or not have a hard time socially. Okay, well you get the point. Anyway I think he will feel better around kids who have struggles the same as him and hopefully it will work out for the best.

The stupid dirty kitchen..

Today I’ve gotta deep clean the kitchen. Again. Always.

All the cooking I did left a film of grease on the counters and floor by the stove and it’s gross (and dangerous). I feel like most of the time spent cleaning and deep cleaning is done in the kitchen and I am getting sick of it. If we had a hood vent it wouldn’t be half as hard. Of course it would be one more mess to clean so I should stop wishing my chores away :)

1.4 Billion Dollars..

How about that lottery? I know it’s on everyone’s mind, a least a little bit! I really hope we win. Like, really hope it. I know what the odds are but like I’ve said here before I tend to get things that have really high odds. Aidan reminded me they were all bad things to have really high odds on but I think winning the lottery would even it all out.

I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if we won that kind of money. Or any money really. But a BILLION dollars? Seriously, I have no idea what I would do. Aidan has a few ideas that I don’t necessarily agree with. I told him we’d split it to prevent trouble. Then we’d join most of it, to prevent trouble :)

I did tell Marshal that I would take him and Regina on a vacation, just the three of us, to somewhere like Hawaii or something. That would be so awesome. We’d have a blast and it would be great for the three of us to just hang out like the old days before Aidan and the babies were here. I love having Aidan and the babies, I wouldn’t change it for a second, but it would be fun to just be the three of us again for a week or two.

The only two things after that thought would be paying off bills and planning a beautiful wedding. I’d want to invest and take care of my family and start some kind of non-profit for either at risk youth or domestic violence victims but all of those would take a lot of thought, research and a team of people.

Oh my gosh — can you even imagine? Being a mega millionaire (after taxes)? From having a plain struggle working class life to not having to worry about how to pay your bills and afford extras ever again? What would you do if you won this 1.4 billion jackpot?



2 thoughts on “Avoiding the monster kitchen by writing

  1. I think if you won that money or if I won that money it could/would screw up our really great little lives. You don’t realize that worrying about all of those bills and “normal” problems keep it real. That is just too much money and I really think it would do more harm to my life than make it better. As long as I’m healthy and my family is healthy, the husband has a job and we have a roof over our heads and a little coin in the bank, it’s all good !!!! Really it is <3 Blessing Ginger :)


  2. If I had won that money, I would travel the world, give money to our whole family, disappear for a while. Start our business, after that is all gone, we’d donate most of the money that’s left. But I didn’t win, so here I am.

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