I cooked the shit out of life today.


I read that they removed the word so this year from something. A dictionary? Etiquette? Proper writing? Speaking?



I cooked my ass off today. I have been struggling with making dinner since Maddox was born so I decided to do something about it. Since I received the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook as a Christmas gift and she has a whole chapter on freezer cooking I opted to take advantage of the little’s being with Aidan at his parents today.

I made 150 meatballs.
I cooked 5 pounds of taco beef.
I cooked 8 cups of taco chicken.
I prepared 6 burgers.
I marinated 12 chicken breasts.

There should be no reason that I can’t come up with something to make for dinner on any given night this week and next. I still want to make pasta dishes and chili but I need a few more ingredients. Oh and chicken pot pie.. Yes please.


I cooked a lot today and I feel good about that :)


5 thoughts on “I cooked the shit out of life today.

  1. That is AWESOME!!! I keep thinking I need to do something, but my Big Guy is so picky, I want to sometime punch him…lol I love chicken pot pie. I had bought my MIL a little pie maker which makes 4 individual pies, I think I may borrow it.

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  2. B O O M !!! To you. If you want to come over and bake with me, I cleaned out cabinets in the kitchen and I have learned I don’t need to shop for groceries for anything for baking. OMG I have so much sugar and frosting I think I’m going to go into a diabetic coma just from being in my kitchen ;/… The amount of chocolate chips alone is enough to do it !!!


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