Making mountains out of molehills

It’s day three after winter break is over and I feel like a zombie. Usually by now I think I feel better and have an easier time waking up, but I guess not this time. I did wake up 10 minutes earlier than I have the last two days but man my head is foggy.

Yesterday was a do nothing kind of day. I got 3 loads of wash cleaned and put away and folded a load that was waiting for a few days but other than that I did nothing but chill out and finish watching “Making a Murder.” That was one fucked up story and a good one to watch.

Now that I have nothing else to watch I can focus on the little kids and entertaining them in exciting ways today.

Crickets chirping..

I don’t know how I’ll entertain them but I will!

Regina woke up easily this morning, when I went to get her up she was already putting her makeup on. I wish I could say the same about Marshal.. He’s being difficult and probably still sleeping when his bus comes in 10 minutes. He keeps saying “I’m up” but he’s not.

I fucked my knee up yesterday somehow, I think carrying stuff up the stairs, so it hurts going down there to say “Are you up, wake up, it’s 6:whatever” Ugh. He better not miss his bus.

Today I have to make a few phone calls. I don’t know why it’s always such a big ordeal for me to make phone calls, but I really hate making them. It takes me a few days to prepare myself and then once I am done I feel like I accomplished climbing a mountain. So weird but true and that’s been the case for years and years.

I only have to set up doctors appointments and call the woman at the school that runs the computer program so Regina can get set up with her lap top. Nothing overwhelming or to be afraid of but man it causes me so much anxiety. I hate that.

Well, I better go wake up Aidan. It’s getting late and he will sleep all day if I let him. I hope y’all have a great day and can find fun ways to stay warm :)


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