Now or Never .. The Boy’s Room

The other day I talked about the boy’s room and how I had done some hard core cleaning. I should have immediately taken pictures because within an hour it was a mess again, but that’s life, right?

I decided just to take pictures this morning as is. No staging whatsoever because while that’s a lot of fun for me it’s not sensible, especially not in here! I’d get all stressed out too trying to make everything perfect. So not worth the work.

Anyway, here is the little boys room, the smallest in the house and the hardest working :)

Of course Logan wanted me to take a picture of him and I couldn’t leave Maddox out :)

I still want to do a few things in here. In a perfect world I’ll get the door, wainscoting and trim painted all in the same white. The ceiling needs to be painted, too. Not high on my priority list but it’s there.

Fun stuff I want to do is make and hang a bunting under the shelf above the changing dresser and make paper mache balloons to hang above Logan’s bed. They should be fairly easy projects that will be fun to do with Logan.

I also want to get some 3 Sprouts bins to put sweatshirts in so they aren’t filling up the whole door and for more toy storage. That’s about it though. It’s not a perfect kids room/nursery but for us I think it works great. It’s cozy and connected to our room so it doesn’t feel too crammed.

Maybe when I get my art projects done I’ll stage the room and take some nice pictures but I wouldn’t hold your breath, lol.


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