Back on the grind..

Well, it’s the second morning of winter vacation being over. Yesterday morning didn’t go badly but it required Regina being driven to tech. This morning wasn’t horrible but Regina is staying home because she was up all night unable to sleep and Marshal gave me a hard time about waking up. Also, Aidan is supposed to be up right now but I don’t know if he is.

Oh, and it’s 12 degrees outside. Far below freezing and way below what the temperature was last week. This crazy weather has everyone scratching their heads, for sure.

Just a few minutes ago I posted the post I wrote the other day. After writing it I didn’t post it because I was planning on making the room look nicer and then re-writing it (like I said I wasn’t going to do in the post) but I never got around to it. So, instead of wasting a perfectly good and realistic peek into our lives I just posted it.

After writing that post the other day I finally printed up some pictures to fill a few frames that have been sitting empty on the shelves. I also printed new pictures for the frames in the hallway just to update them. One of the frames got knocked off of the wall a while back when Marshal was harassing Regina and it broke. Despite my efforts to “fix” it with painters tape (yeah.) it is still falling apart.

The frames were only like 8$ from Marshall’s or TJ Max or something so the cost isn’t an issue. It’s the frame itself. I like it and don’t know if I’ll find something quite the same. That’s how it goes. Anyway the mats are a cream color and don’t really look so great next to the pictures I printed so I eventually will need to look for some new ones. Yes, the color of the mat bothers me more than the fact that the frame is falling apart.

After the post I did the other day I got some more hardcore cleaning done. I cleaned out the fridge, the spice cabinet and the food cabinet. Steamed the kitchen floors, including the grout with the jat spray attachment and then moved on to the bathroom where I used the jet spray on every steamable surface I could. The tile on the walls, the toilet, the tub and of course the floors. It worked out great.

I have plenty more to write about but I hear Aidan snoring. He’s as bad as the kids today. I have to go wake him up again and continue writing about my super exciting life another time.

Have a great day :)


12 thoughts on “Back on the grind..

  1. I think I want to have the steam cleaner you own! Sounds like it does a fantastic job.
    It’s freezing cold here today, too – the temperature has dropped SO MUCH in just a couple of days that I’m really minding it. I had an appointment this morning so checked the weather and temperature before I headed out – with the wind chill the temperature was approx -26 degrees Celcius! (Can’t remember how cold that would be in Farenheight but trust me – it’s damn cold!)
    But this afternoon it warmed up a bit and it was sunny and no wind so I actually went for a brisk walk in the Waterfowl Park. I took pictures of it today, too, and think I’ll post them on my blog, as it was a beautiful winter’s day, even though I prefer warmer weather. Now I’m sipping hot peppermint tea and added an extra sweater to try to warm up my freezing bones! LOL But at least I got in quite a few of the steps I want to do today, so that’s a bonus – so much nicer walking outside than on my treadmill or around my kitchen island…

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    1. The wind makes such a difference! I have to go out today and it’s warmer than yesterday but I am not looking forward to it one bit!
      The steamer we have is a Shark one and I do like it. I just learned about using the jet thing so of course it was a lot of fun, lol. There are other attachments for it that I haven’t tried yet but once I figure out what they are supposed to do I’ll give them a spin. :)
      My Fitbit is not liking how little I walk. I guess the daily goal is 10,000 steps but I’ve only hit that once. Being in the house all the time and the cold weather now does not make me a good walker. I don’t have a tread mill and if I walked around the table for 5,000 steps I’d probably just get dizzy and fall to the ground. Ha! That doesn’t seem so bad an idea lol

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      1. Why don’t you program your Fitbit for a more reasonable goal for you this winter – you can easily do that from your tablet or smartphone or whatever device you use…put a goal in of 5000 steps (or whatever stretch goal you think you could possibly reach) and then you will feel good about your efforts every time you reach the goal, instead of feeling like you’ll never get to where you want to be. Start smaller and then you’ll likely find that you keep wanting to raise the goal once you are reaching your current one consistently. This is what I’ve done and it’s worked quite well for me…If you set a lofty goal and find that you never meet it, then that’s just discouraging – so start small and be realistic, I say. When I first started tracking my steps last spring with a pedometer I was lucky to get in 2500!

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          1. Hmm…nope – I haven’t connected my FItbit to Facebook (I almost wrote …my FB to FB – then realized that might not make any sense to you! LOL).
            I may check into doing that although I’m paranoid enough about Facebook already knowing TOO much about me and what I do! If I do connect it I’ll let you know. Now go for a little walk! Hehehe…

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          2. I think you can connect through email also. I totally would have understood fb to fb lol we think alike :) I took mine off last night to bathe the kids and realized I needed to charge it but forgot to plug it in! Now I have to charge it and I lost last nights and this mornings activities :(

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          3. That sucks, doesn’t it? Mine only takes a couple of hours to go from just about empty to fully charged, so that’s not bad. The difficult time I have is trying to figure out when best to take it off to do that!
            I charged mine last night for two hours when I was going to bed as I knew I’d be awake a long time reading, so was able to wear it again by the time I was ready to TRY to sleep.

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          4. That’s a good idea, usually though once I lay down I pass out. I guess I should get on a schedule of charging it like when I take my shower or when I feed Henry.
            Sorry you have a hard time sleeping.. I know what that is like. Since they put me on this mood stabilizer I haven’t had any trouble sleeping, quite the opposite actually. When I was pregnant I always took Unisom and that helped.

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  2. It’s so cold here it’s painful… Brrrr. Mike said something about 8°, the other night, but I didn’t leave the house, so idk. But it was 26° today and I turned into a popsicle…soooo I am going to stay home as much as I can. I know what you mean about projects… Sometimes, some things bother you more than others. Even if they are microscopic, lol. I am weird also in the sense that I can’t clean a table if what’s really bothering me is the bathroom. I have to clean the bathroom first, then the table. Does that happen to you?


    1. Oddly, if something is bothering me (like your bathroom example) I seem to do everything else first.. So weird! I think if it’s bothering me in the sense that I feel overwhelmed I have to “pump” myself up to get to it.
      We were warmer than 26, but not by much. Today it’s supposed to go up to 39 and I have an appointment in the afternoon. I don’t even want to go, lol. It’s way too cold for me!


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