New Year, New Hair Color

Good morning, happy New Year! It’s 2016, holy cow, time flies! This year marks 20 years out of high school for me. Those 20 years went by so fast! My whole life is going by fast when I think about it.

Last night wasn’t anything exciting here. I drank wine and sat with the little kids while Aidan made meatball subs on homemade rolls. They were yummy but didn’t keep me awake. I fell asleep before 10 I think.

Regina had two girlfriends sleep over. They hung out here and there and everywhere. I woke up to them all sleeping in her room though so I feel glad.

Marshal had two friends over but then got mad at his oldest friend who moved a few years ago but was back in town for the night. They didn’t hang out because his girlfriend was with him. Marshal’s feelings were hurt badly. Maybe he will see him today and feel better. He’s passed out in his bed so I feel glad.

It’s a good morning when I wake up and the kids are here, safe. Sometimes but not too often lately I wake up and they aren’t home and I panic so this was a good start to the New Year.

Yesterday Regina colored my hair for me. It’s been light for almost a decade I guess but I went back to brown. I’d been thinking about it for a while and went for it. I’m glad I did :)

It’s the darkest brown we could find that wasn’t black and it looks nice. It’s a little darker than my natural color, maybe 2 shades? It made my hair look much nicer. Shiny and full of body :) It’s still flipping at the ends because it’s dried out but I’m going to keep growing it.

Well, Aidan just came down grumpy and told me Maddox is looking for boob. I told him he normally just eats food for breakfast but he didn’t grab one so I guess that means I need to go feed him. Ugh. He (Aidan) has been crabby for a few days now and I don’t get it. I’ve asked him what was wrong but haven’t gotten a clear answer. He said he is sad that he has to go back to work soon but I’m not buying it. Who knows..

Happy New Year everyone :)


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