Eternally Aggravated

Well, hello! As I bet you’ll guess that I am going to say, it’s been a struggle in the mornings to get up early and write. I don’t know if it’s the constant heat running, the nighttime meds that I take or the baby waking up every few hours but wow the mornings have been terrible!

Aside from that things have been meh. What about that snow storm we got on the east coast of the US? Crazy right? It was crazy here and we got about 22 inches with a lot of wind. Luckily we didn’t lose any power and we had everything we needed here to be trapped in for 2 days. Marshal did a lot of shoveling with his buddies and made some money so that kept him out of my hair and happy.

Unfortunately the little ones were both sick with fevers. Of course they caught germs on Friday at the doctors office when Maddox had a check-up. Fevers galore! So we didn’t get to bring Logan out during the storm, which was okay by me because the wind and temps were too much! I did get him out there on Sunday for about 20 minutes. We didn’t get to make a snowman because the snow was like powder but I did teach him how to make snow angels and he had fun anyway. He would have stayed out longer but I suck in cold weather.

The big kids are working my nerves something fierce as usual. I swear if one week went by that I wasn’t annoyed with them I might have a heart attack. I know I’ll miss them when they don’t live with me anymore but when they are super aggravating like this I just look forward to the days. Then I’ll get to do it all again in 12 years. Teenagers. Bleh. Well, hopefully the little ones will be much better behaved than the big ones are. I’m willing to bet they will be. Different life, you know.

Well, I know it’s not a lot but Aidan is talking to me before he leaves and I think I hear the babies waking up. If anything I’ll try to get some picture or videos up of the littles. :) Happy Wednesday, I hope it’ll be a good one!


“Mom, do you have a pair of socks?”

This boy. I seriously bought him 26 pairs of socks for Christmas. Twenty Six. A whole months worth, just about. Combined with all of the other socks he had and has stolen from us.. I’d say he has at least 40 pairs down there.

What fucking nerve.

“I promise I’ll start my wash today.”

His problem.

I can’t give him socks because I myself only have maybe 6 pairs. I do my laundry when I need and if I’m late by a day or two I’m stuck wearing slipper socks. My problem. I don’t try robbing other people or asking other people. I get my shit done and move on.

I really need a shower.

Aidan’s been leaving early for work so he can get home before 7pm. It’s better that he gets home early but it’s harder in the mornings. Plus I don’t know why but I’ve been having a very hard time waking up lately. Like super hard Regina-needs- a-ride-to-school-now late.

Sigh. That’s why I haven’t been writing for a few days either.

Mommy needs to hibernate. And not be harassed about socks.

Well, the kids are up, have a great day. I’ll try to write more later if they take a nap at the same time. har har har.

Say Cheese :)

I realize that I haven’t posted any pictures lately so I thought I’d add some from my phone. Looking through them though I realize that I haven’t been taking too many! I hardly have any new pictures of Logan on there. I feel very bad about that!

There are a few of Maddox though eating his toes while I was trying to feed him real food. He LOVES eating his toes. Some babies like it, he loves it and will chew on them any chance he gets:

And here is one of him in the bath. I was trying to make a mohawk of his hair but it just kept curling over which was funny. Most of his birth hair fell out except for the top which makes it super long — and fun:


Here is one of the boys playing kitchen together the other day while I was playing in my kitchen. I thought it was so awesome that they were playing together:


This is Logan and I just hanging out. I thought this was taken after I darkened my hair but it was not! It’s even darker now and maybe someday I’ll show you:


This is Maddox in his most favorite outfit of mine. I had to take a picture because it isn’t going to fit him for long.. Behind him is the fireplace I haven’t ripped out yet but will soon!


This last picture is of the desk and filing cabinet I got last year as well as the new wall color. Don’t look at the wood work, it still needs to be done. And don’t look at the picture frames stacked on the desk, they need a home. And ignore the door that needs to be painted. Also the lamp isn’t staying there. Just look at the wall and the desk lol:


Well, have a great day! Good luck to those of you playing the lottery! Scarlet had a good point that it would probably change someone too much but I’m still hoping to win ;)

Avoiding the monster kitchen by writing

Freezer cooking round one — check!

Yesterday I finished cooking up the chicken breasts that were marinading in the fridge. These too are for the freezer but I used a few for dinner last night as sandwiches and they were a crowd-pleaser.

There are a few more pasta recipes and casseroles that I want to make for the freezer also but guess what.. I don’t have any room left in there! That thing is filled to the brim. It’s a nice feeling but also aggravating when trying to get something in or out.

Marshal and a school update..

Yesterday was a follow up for Marshal’s truancy court. He still isn’t in a smaller school and the judge was pretty fierce about the school dragging their feet. In all fairness to the school winter break happened so that took a week and a half away for them but it has been a month so I’m glad that the fire was lit. I’m super happy actually. So was Marshal. I’ve not seen him smile that hard since Christmas and before that his birthday.

I love him so much and just want him to be happy and get a high school diploma. And not go to jail. Or be bad. Or not have a hard time socially. Okay, well you get the point. Anyway I think he will feel better around kids who have struggles the same as him and hopefully it will work out for the best.

The stupid dirty kitchen..

Today I’ve gotta deep clean the kitchen. Again. Always.

All the cooking I did left a film of grease on the counters and floor by the stove and it’s gross (and dangerous). I feel like most of the time spent cleaning and deep cleaning is done in the kitchen and I am getting sick of it. If we had a hood vent it wouldn’t be half as hard. Of course it would be one more mess to clean so I should stop wishing my chores away :)

1.4 Billion Dollars..

How about that lottery? I know it’s on everyone’s mind, a least a little bit! I really hope we win. Like, really hope it. I know what the odds are but like I’ve said here before I tend to get things that have really high odds. Aidan reminded me they were all bad things to have really high odds on but I think winning the lottery would even it all out.

I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if we won that kind of money. Or any money really. But a BILLION dollars? Seriously, I have no idea what I would do. Aidan has a few ideas that I don’t necessarily agree with. I told him we’d split it to prevent trouble. Then we’d join most of it, to prevent trouble :)

I did tell Marshal that I would take him and Regina on a vacation, just the three of us, to somewhere like Hawaii or something. That would be so awesome. We’d have a blast and it would be great for the three of us to just hang out like the old days before Aidan and the babies were here. I love having Aidan and the babies, I wouldn’t change it for a second, but it would be fun to just be the three of us again for a week or two.

The only two things after that thought would be paying off bills and planning a beautiful wedding. I’d want to invest and take care of my family and start some kind of non-profit for either at risk youth or domestic violence victims but all of those would take a lot of thought, research and a team of people.

Oh my gosh — can you even imagine? Being a mega millionaire (after taxes)? From having a plain struggle working class life to not having to worry about how to pay your bills and afford extras ever again? What would you do if you won this 1.4 billion jackpot?


I cooked the shit out of life today.


I read that they removed the word so this year from something. A dictionary? Etiquette? Proper writing? Speaking?



I cooked my ass off today. I have been struggling with making dinner since Maddox was born so I decided to do something about it. Since I received the Pioneer Woman’s new cookbook as a Christmas gift and she has a whole chapter on freezer cooking I opted to take advantage of the little’s being with Aidan at his parents today.

I made 150 meatballs.
I cooked 5 pounds of taco beef.
I cooked 8 cups of taco chicken.
I prepared 6 burgers.
I marinated 12 chicken breasts.

There should be no reason that I can’t come up with something to make for dinner on any given night this week and next. I still want to make pasta dishes and chili but I need a few more ingredients. Oh and chicken pot pie.. Yes please.


I cooked a lot today and I feel good about that :)

“She just randomly tears the house apart..”


Regina: Mom, what are you doing?
Me: Trying to get this damn screw out!

Regina: Why?
Me: I’m taking the fireplace out.

Regina: Ohh..

Regina’s friend: You’re taking it out or putting it in?
Me: Out

Regina’s friend: Wait, the fireplace.. You’re putting it in or taking it out?
Me: I’m trying to take it out.

Regina to friend: My mom is weird. She just randomly tears the house apart. You never know what she is doing. One day we woke up to a wall missing.

Me: Well, I never used this and I hate it and I found out yesterday it was ventless so I can just take it out but this fucking screw won’t turn.

Regina’s friend looked puzzled but it’s true. When shit around here bothers me enough and after some thinking and investigating I tend to jump right into a project.

We’ve been talking about removing this stupid gas fireplace (that I’ve not used once in 11 years) for quite a while and it suddenly occurred to me that it might be one of those ventless ones everyone is warned about using.

Before just ripping it out though I went up into the attic to find the instruction manual the old owners kindly left for me when I closed on the house. Hurrah for organized homeowners :)

Sure enough this stupid thing is ventless. Sure enough I want it out of here as of 11 years ago. So I tried to remove it. But I failed and before I decided to go hardcore I stopped because it is connected to a gas pipe coming up from the basement. Aidan needs to help me with this. Tomorrow.

I can’t wait to see what is behind this stupid fireplace. Peeking into the huge gaps that weren’t ever sealed up when the previous people installed it I can see the exposed brick of the exterior wall. This tells me that the wall itself is original but honestly the mantel doesn’t make sense and the stack for the actual unused chimney is only about 1’6″ wide so why they would build a four foot wall around it is beyond me.

In any case.. Now that Aidan finished painting the room I plan on tearing the fireplace out and the wall down.

He loves me.

I’ll tell you what.. Once we do that we will have about 5ftx2ft more space in the room. Also, I want to take out the closet which is not original to the house. The problem with that though is that I need a coat closet down here. It’s where we keep the coats. And the vacuum.

Anyway .. I need the fireplace out this weekend and then we will go from there.


And then it was Thursday..

I thought for sure that this week was going to go by very slowly but here we are on Thursday already! I’m glad that the weekend is so close.

The weather people said we should expect it to get really cold next week. “Enjoy the nice weather while you can” they said. It seems like it’s already cold enough so I’m not looking forward to whatever they were talking about.

This old house is so drafty, it always feels cold in here and typically I have to put the heat on 71 to not feel like I’m freezing. Yeah, that’s pretty warm but like I said this house is drafty, no matter what we seal up.

Sleep last night was good for me and I actually woke up before my alarm went off. I didn’t get up then but I did get up after it went off without hitting snooze 3 times like I had been.

Even though winter always feels like the slowest moving season I realized how quick it will probably go before it’s time to start thinking about gardening again. I mean January and February are the worst but it’s only two months now and even though March is cold it starts getting nicer around that time. So maybe I don’t hate winter after all. We will see :)

I don’t know what my plans are for the day today. Maybe I’ll take Logan for a haircut. He needs one bad, he looks like a lost boy from Peter Pan. I am growing it out again since Aidan cut it all off in the spring, so it just needs a shape up. It looks cute short but I (and Aidan) prefer it longer. Logan has great hair with a lot of body so when it’s longer it just looks nicer. Its getting way too long by his ears and along the neck though so it needs to be taken care of.

I wanted to go yesterday after the dr’s appointment but Maddox was fussing too much. He is finally getting his first two teeth and he’s not liking it one bit. I know it’s painful and really is probably bothersome but he is very dramatic. Already. He has fake cries and whines. It’s kinda funny how dramatic he gets. Logan is dramatic too but Maddox takes it to a whole new level. I should put them both into acting, lol.

I don’t have a lot of laundry to do and really the only cleaning needed is a pick up and vacuum. I want to do some bulk cooking but don’t have the ingredients I need so that will probably be a weekend project.

I’ll be using some of the Pioneer Woman’s freezer recipes from her new cook book. I’m trying to make the week easier so if all I need to do is pull stuff out of the freezer and do a few minutes of work it will make nights around here run much smoother. Plus I won’t have to wait for Aidan to get home at 6:30 to start an hour long recipe :)

Well, have a great Thursday everyone. I’m going to get my camera out and take some pictures of the paint today.. That’s what I’ll do!