Goodbye 2015

Here we are.. New Years Eve 2015. It’s been a quick moving year for us here. We celebrated many birthdays this year: Aidan turned 34, I turned 37, Regina turned 17, Marshal turned 16, Logan turned 2 and of course there was the birth of our sweet little Maddox.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair..

I’ve grown my hair for over a full year without cutting it once. That was a goal I had set because I have a habit of cutting it frequently. Because of the pregnancy it grew extra fast and is now shoulder length. When I started last December it was at my chin. :)

My hair desperately needs something. Probably only a fresh cut will solve my problems but today Regina is going to color it for me in hopes that it will seal it and soften it a bit. I don’t have any dead ends surprisingly, but it is very dry where it was lightened in the past. We’ll see. If I can get away with not cutting it I’d be happy.

Please speak, no, be quiet :)

This time last year we were meeting with the early intervention team for Logan’s lack of speech. We referred to them by the pediatrician because he wasn’t really talking at all. It was a nerve wracking time for me but everything was fine. The therapists told us that he was so focused on motor skills that he just wasn’t interested in talking and to give it time.

Boy were they right! Now he is hardly ever quiet and he speaks beautifully in full sentences and all.

Make a house a home..

In the house we’ve gotten quite a few upgrades and niceties: a new dishwasher and blinds in the kitchen, new linen blackout curtains and hardware for the front and dining room windows, a new rug for the dining room as well as one for our room. We were gifted a beautiful desk and filing cabinet for the living room. We bought a toddler bed for Logan and set the tiny room up for 2 little boys. A shelf was added to their wall as well as organizing do-hickey’s.

We also did some work around the house: I painted all the grout on the kitchen floor and repainted the dining room walls, I caulked the woodwork and the windows and prepped them all for painting. Aidan installed the new dishwasher, painted the living room and stairwell and hallway, replaced the ceiling fan in the dining room and added new light fixtures in the laundry room. More than 3/4 of our light bulbs have been replaced with LED’s.

We gardened. A lot in the spring. We got to witness the first beautiful show of spring bulbs that I had planted the fall before. Aidan worked hard on the front lawn and replaced the Burning Bush with a beautiful miniature Japanese Maple. We added a lavender bush, some colious and a beautiful climbing flower whose name slips my mind to the front wall. I made the planters beautiful in the spring and then again in the fall.

Aidan build three raised beds for vegetables, herbs and fruit. They are beautiful and well done and gave him a hobby that he really loved to care for over the spring and summer. We planted new plants in the back: columbine transplanted from his parents house, 2 more of another plants whose name I forget and a few annuals. Aidan worked hard on the lawn and it paid off. He ripped up most of the sod we had put down a few years ago and started fresh with seed. He worked so hard on the yard as he does every year.

Big things to look forward to..

This year will be another exciting year for sure. We are expecting two more babies to arrive, one from Aidan’s sister and the other from my niece. Regina will graduate from high school. My little ones will turn 3 and 1! We have crawling and walking and talking just around the corner!! Aidan will hopefully enjoy his new job more and more. Marshal might finally get his shit together.. I haven’t set any personal goals for myself but I think I should.

Anyway, it’s been a very busy, productive and rewarding year for us here and I hope it was for all of you. If this year was a tough one (I know about those, believe me) I can assure you that it won’t last forever. I believe that everything happens for a reason, whether the reasons make sense now or not.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all a safe and happy New Year!


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