My titles need a lot of work..

Yesterday was a bust. A big ol’ bust. I didn’t get anything done. I was so tired that all I could get done was thinking about what I wanted to do. I guess that happens.

We ate leftovers. I didn’t shower. No cookies were made. No bathrooms were scrubbed. The kids were though.

I woke up this morning to a huge mess in the kitchen. One that I did not make but now one that I will clean up because if I wait until the kids wake up it won’t be until after noon.

The real kicker about yesterday is that I didn’t even really relax. I didn’t watch any tv or get a good nap. I just thought and walked around like a zombie. Stupid day.


I’ve been writing on this blog for over a year now. I got my anniversary notification over a week ago. I had to look back into my posts to find the date: December 14th. Since then I’ve written 270 posts, not including this one.

That’s great for me!

On my old blog, which was more successful (in terms of readership) I had posted 248 times from December 4th 2010 – January 26th 2014. Over here I’ve written way more posts in way less time.

Loss of laughter?

My old blog was better in terms of content and editing I suppose. I used to edit the shit out of what I was posting. I had to leave that behind but couldn’t delete it though. When I sometimes look back at that blog I realize that I was pretty funny.

Sometimes I think I am a little funny here but over there it was easier to make fun of myself and the bad luck streak I was stuck in. I must have come across funnier over there too because I think my humor here is often missed.

That leads me to think I have lost my sense of humor quite a bit over the years. Life has hardened me in ways that I don’t even realize. Don’t get me wrong, I still have fun in me, I’m just not like I used to be. I want to be sarcastic and goofy still but it feels like I sometimes don’t know how.

I think sarcasm served as a defense mechanism for me through a tough life and bad times, but I miss that about myself. Not the tough part — which we all know isn’t completely gone — but I want to try harder to be fun again.

I think I am still quite funny but it doesn’t seem that many of you either get me or think that I am funny. Sylvia gets my humor. I wonder if anyone else does? I wonder if you all just think I am just a huge complainer? I try to make light of my complaints.

I mean seriously..

I don’t know why I care so much for making people laugh or chuckle at least. When I was in the 6th grade I was voted the class clown and have always enjoyed making light of situations. And being sarcastic. Now I probably just seem dark and cranky.

I am cranky but I am a mom of four.

Poor Aidan. He’s known me forever and as a total goofball. Now I’m serious all the time. Well, more often than I used to be.

Okay so now that I’ve complained about being funny and the mess in the kitchen I guess I better go laugh my way through cleaning. Man, I always wished I had magical genie powers. I still sometimes put my arms on top of one another, nod my head and blink hoping they will finally kick in. True story.



2 thoughts on “My titles need a lot of work..

  1. I DO get your quirky sense of humor – maybe because that’s the kind I have as well. I’ve always been known as “the funny one” in the groups I’m in – family, friends, etc, and that just seems to be the way I approach my life. After all, none of us are getting out alive, right?
    And I, too, have a dark side that often comes out, both my in real-life conversations and online.
    I know that I use sarcasm and self-depracating humor as defenses against this tough old world we call our home planet, and sometimes that humor is dark because frankly, sometimes the world is a cold, dark place. Hey – I’m the one who this fall wrote about the sorry state of my breasts – even though I wasn’t sure how that post would be received… and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually touched a chord with lots of women over a certain age. (You can count yourself lucky that your body isn’t there quite yet… LOL)
    So keep being yourself, don’t give in and try to be what you think others expect that a blogger should be. You will keep attracting a readership that appreciates you for you, and I’m sure that I will continue to be one of your biggest and oldest fans!
    Now go clean up that mess in the kitchen! (And make me a pie – hehehe – I threw that in there for any South Park fans reading your blog!)

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    1. Regina will get that South Park quote.. She says that a lot lol Oh and trust me, I haven’t had nice boobs since I was 19 and I didn’t appreciate them at all. Shame on me! Four kids later I am sure that I will be a sad sad lady when I stop breastfeeding the baby :(
      Thanks for your encouragement and for understanding my sense of humor 😁

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