Well, now that that is over…

I hope everyone had a really wonderful Christmas. I hope you all were able to spend time with your families and friends and I hope your gatherings were nice.

We had a really nice Christmas this year. On Christmas Eve we went to my parents and we got to see my sister and her husband and baby, my brother and my parents. Maddox and Logan both had a blast and enjoyed all of the attention and of course, the presents.

Aidan and I were up until 2am getting the wrapping finished up, putting together the kitchen set and then putting the gifts out.

Mandatory tree drama..

We decided to put the little boys gifts in front of the fireplace and not under the tree because this is what it looks like:


Yes friends, my tree must have heard all the shit I was talking and decided on revenge. It’s dropping all of it’s needles. ALL. OF. IT’S. NEEDLES. Do you see that pile to the right?


Yes, that one.. That was only one of many. It may just look like a pile of green, but that is a massive pile of needles. Billions of them. Gazillions of needles everywhere.

All we can do is laugh really. I mean the ridiculousness of the whole tree situation is just flat out laughable.

And yet.. Aidan still doesn’t want to get a fake tree next year.

The point is.. we were smart to put the gifts in front of the fireplace and not under the tree. If anyone blinks too hard needles fall and cover anything in their path to the floor.

Reaching under the tree for gifts was NOT an option. Breathing in the same room is barely an option at this point.

Holly Jolly Christmas..

Aside from the tree and a small tiff with Aidan on Christmas Eve everything went smoothly and fantastic. Logan had SO much fun opening gifts and playing with his kitchen set.

I took a video of his reaction coming down in the morning. I love him so much, he is so adorable! And “so excited!” :)

Maddox even had a fun time opening his gift and playing with toys. Aidan seemed to really like the shirts Regina and I picked out for him and the other gifts I ordered. They were even the right size! Win!

When the big kids came home they were happy and thankful and really appreciated the gifts they received.

It was a nice morning.

In the afternoon Aidan and I went with the little’s to Aidan’s sister’s house for a family party. I felt awful (tired and sick) so I rested on the ride and once we got there I felt much better. It was a really nice party with great food and a happy family. Logan and Maddox both had a great time and that always makes me happy.

So Much Activities!

Logan’s first active Christmas was a success! I wanted it to be the best Christmas ever for him so he will look forward to it again next year. We did so many activities leading up to the main event:

  • Elf on the Shelf
  • made a lot of ornaments
  • made a lot of cookies
  • wrapped presents
  • looked at lights
  • had special outfits
  • saw Santa on a firetruck
  • met Santa in person
  • did the advent calendar
  • decorated the house
  • read stories
  • watched movies

Now of course I’ll have to hear about Santa and presents forever.. I guess I better start looking up crafts to make for Valentines Day! Gotta keep moving, right?!

New Tradition.. Beat the tree?

Today we are going to take what’s left of the “tree” down. It’s really early but it isn’t going to last much longer. I’m surprised it’s still standing in all it’s wondrous glory.

Honestly, I just don’t want anymore ornaments to fall and break otherwise I’d keep it up just to see if we could cover the whole floor with needles. Ha! We expect that there won’t be any needles left on it by the time I get the lights off so I guess I’ll find out.

However, if there are any still holding on Aidan wants to knock it a few times and see if he can’t get them all off before dragging it through the house and out the door. It’ll be like a pinata minus the treats.

Well, again, I hope you all had a great holiday and I’m not sad it’s over so you shouldn’t be either. Now we get to look forward to the New Year :)



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