Hoping for another day like yesterday

Okay, so maybe I have a cold. My head is so stuffy that I can’t hear well and my nose is currently running a 5k. But in light of all that I got a ton of stuff done yesterday and I’m still feeling proud.

Logan and I made coconut chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Aidan’s been asking me to make them for like 3 years (not kidding) and yesterday we finally did it. Logan really is great in the cooking/baking department. He did everything except break the eggs. Of course I had to help him with all of it, but he was great with the measuring and mixing and stirring. His favorite part was eating chocolate chips lol

After that he helped me clean up our mess. We unloaded and then reloaded the dishwasher. We swept and took out the trash. He loves helping so I take full advantage. He sprayed the table and benches (his favorite) and then wiped them down.

A few hours later Regina, Logan and I wrapped a lot of gifts while Aidan and Maddox played in our room. Logan made a mess of the ribbon but was helpful when it came to putting tape on random spots of the gifts ;)

After wrapping for over an hour Regina asked him to make more cookies with her. This gave me time to clean up some more, finish laundry and get him dinner.

It was a busy productive day and I didn’t feel sick until I laid down and couldn’t breathe out of my nose. I just took Sudafed,  I hope it helps. I want to get more wrapping done today! As much as I finished yesterday there is still that much left to do. I always underestimate how much there is..

My dumb ass Marshal

Today I am calling the probation department to talk about Marshal and see if I can set up a meeting with them along with the truancy officer I previously wrote about. He gave me such a hard time about getting up this morning and refused to take his medicine. He blew his curfew last night and I am tired of fighting with him about why my house always smells like weed. Yeah. He is now smoking in my house, then lies about it. Asshole.

Hopefully I can get him in that school. Or at the very least get him put on serious probation so he will need to do drug testing and etc.

Well, have a great day. I think I need to drive Regina and her friend to tech because he usually drives them but he has a flat tire. Always something interesting here.


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