From banking to wedding planning..

Coffee stop..

Yesterday I had to make a quick trip to the bank and asked Regina to go for the ride with me. After we were done there I asked her if she’d prefer Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts coffee since they are both in the area.

I knew she’d want Starbucks (like me) but that requires getting out of the car and going into Target so I gave her the choice. Of course she choose Starbucks :)

While we were waiting for our coffee’s I told her I just wanted to go to the toy department really quick and look for a Daniel Tiger doll for Maddox. He loves Logan’s so much and I don’t want them to start fighting over it..

One thing led to another and after 30 minutes Regina said she was going to grab a cart. Why we ever try to walk through that store without one (or the super market) I’ll never know.

We did end up getting basically only stuff we needed (coffee, creamer, stuff to make cookies, a roll of wrapping paper that I had picked out but left at the store the other day) and I let her pick out a gift for Logan to be from her and one for Marshal to give him, too.

The point is this — we went in for coffee and left with $120 of items that is coming out of the bank account I had just deposited money into. Oh Target, you are so horribly fantastic.

A carpet of needles..

I’ll be so glad when Christmas is behind us. Not just because of the money that’s being spent but also because I am un-decorating and removing the Christmas tree on the 26th.

Usually I wait until after New Year’s Day to take down the tree but the needles are falling off of this thing like mad. And it’s so large that when you walk by it, it inevitably gets bumped into and more needles fall. They are the pointy ones that hurt too and get stuck in between the floor boards.

Ugh, it’s super aggravating.

All of the ornaments are fun though and I will miss seeing them until next year.

Feeling happy..

I’m getting in the spirit of Christmas more this year than in previous years. It’s a lot of work, decorating, shopping, baking, visiting and it all goes by so fast. I guess though because I have little kids again it’s exciting again. I’ve really been trying to get Logan excited this year and understand Santa and Christmas. I hope he will remember next year and get super excited on his own.

As a kid I loved Christmas time. Who didn’t as a child, right?

After I hooked up with my ex it wasn’t fun for me though. He left me with a lot of bad memories but I’m learning to create new and better ones and also to remember the good ones before him. Also I try to focus on the good memories I had with the big kids. I hope they won’t think of Christmas as a bad time period. The three of us went through a lot but now we are all trying to make it better.

Hoping for house parties..

I’m excited for the future and hopeful we will have a bigger house that I can invite people over to celebrate. I used to have a lot of parties here and the house is actually less cluttered but it just feels so crowded. I’d love to host New Year’s Day brunch or even New Year’s Eve at some point. I’ll get there and it will be wonderful.

Pick a date, any date..

I was talking to Aidan the other night about setting a date for our wedding and told him how hard of a time I have planning things. He told me he thought I lived for that kind of stuff. I do love throwing parties but don’t have a lot of confidence and get easily overwhelmed. Him just saying that though made me feel good and helped me wonder if I actually could organize a nice event. I probably could. Maybe.

Well, have a great day :)


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