Early morning for all

My head is pounding and my throat is sore. I don’t think I am getting sick though, thankfully. I think it’s a combination of the dust from the walls Aidan sanded and the heat that’s been running since the temperatures outside dropped down.

Maddox has woken up everyone early this morning. He wants to play or something. I offered to bring him downstairs but Aidan said he’d try to get him back to sleep.

Now I hear Logan up, too.

Guess I won’t be writing a lot today..

I’d like to get the wrapping out of the way today. I am officially done shopping and I’m only waiting on a book to come in for my great niece. It’s supposed to arrive on Thursday. I hope it gets here. It’s a book about becoming a big sister and it goes along with a baby doll I got for her.

My niece (her mom) is expecting her second child, a boy, this spring. I’m excited for her. I’m also really glad it’s a boy so that I can give her all of these clothes that I have. They are in great shape and I’d rather them go to someone I love than a donation bin or even a consignment shop. :)

Well, have a great day. I’m going to get Logan some breakfast and help Aidan with the wide awake babies.


2 thoughts on “Early morning for all

    1. Isn’t it crazy? lol! My sister and I are 10 years apart and she had my niece when I was 10 :) That’s how that happened.
      In a few years I’ll be old enough to be a grandMOTHER, hopefully they will wait longer than I did though :) I preach birth control a lot around here haha


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