Topic to topic I go..


Aidan finished the painting last night! Yeeeessss! It’s been such a long project (since August!) but the living room, stairway and upstairs hall are finally painted!

Of course now I have to work on getting the wood work and ceilings and woodwork done but lets just focus on the beautiful hole free freshly painted walls!

Seriously, when I woke up this morning and turned the light on I smiled so hard it hurt. He did such a great job and the walls look amazing! You would never know that 24 hours ago they were 50% patch jobs.

I’m happy with the color but it is definitely more green than blue. Once the sunlight hits it will have more of a blue feel to it but in the dim light of this dark morning the walls look pale green.

It’s a nice neutral and calming color though and that is what is most important. I need calm :)

I’ll take some pictures soon but right now it’s too dark in here and there is still some clutter. Who am I kidding, there is always clutter. Accept it, girl.

I am really so, so happy that it’s done. He rocks my socks.

Over the river and through the woods

Today I am taking the kids to my parents house. My niece who we never get to see is going to be there and my dad’s birthday is on Monday so I am bringing him his gift. Last year we bought him a pizza stone and this year we are giving him a pizza peel for it. I hope he likes it, it’s gorgeous and would just look beautiful displayed somewhere.

I still have to go to Macy’s before I get to their house to pick up the sheet set I talked about yesterday. We are going there on Christmas Eve for celebration but the sale will end today and I don’t want to miss it. I also need to pick up a pot of Eye brow pomade (?) and a special brush to use it apply it with for my niece’s birthday gift. That one is Regina’s idea but I’ll go along with it..

Most of the gifts are here and guess what, I’ve still not gotten any more wrapping done. I am determined to get it done soon though.

Christmas Vacation

Aidan’s new company is moving into a new building and he volunteered to help with the move. In return they gave him an extra day off, which he was going to use on Christmas Eve.

Then they decided to close the office on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

He was taking his vacation time the week between Christmas and New Years (he already has vacation time?!!) so that worked out awesome.

But wait.. it gets even better… Because of the move they said for everyone to work from home yesterday and then extended it thru Monday.

So all told he is here from yesterday through January 4! That’s crazy and awesome :) The best part is that he only needs to use 4 vacation days :)

Well, I hope everyone has a great Saturday. I think I will go take a much needed shower while I still have a chance to be uninterrupted!


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