The hold out that paid off

I always have a hard time picking gifts for my parents but for Christmas this year I think I’ll do well.

I had gotten them a set of flannel sheets maybe 8 years ago and last year my mom commented on how much they love them. I didn’t catch on at the time but I am sure she was dropping a hint for what they might like again. I mean, 8 years is a long time for sheets to stay in good condition, even if they are only used a few months of the year.


I was on a quest! I remembered that I had gotten Martha Stewart brand because we bought a ton of them as gifts and gave some to the kids. I looked at Macy’s and found a beautiful color but wasn’t impressed with their sale price. I decided to hold out. Then the price went up so I looked on Amazon. I found a nice and very highly reviewed set but they were even more expensive.

I decided to just wait until the next sale at Macy’s started (today and tomorrow) and guess what? They are less expensive than the first sale price! Woo hoo! They are $7 less, which isn’t much but it’s something!

Supposedly they have them at the mall I always go to so I am going to go there today, pick up something small for my brother and be done with shopping! Hurray!!

Then I need to go through all these boxes and get this shit wrapped.

Are you all done shopping and wrapping this year?


5 thoughts on “The hold out that paid off

  1. Yes! All done! What I do for my parents, in laws and myself. I make a calendar in shutterfly every year. Each month has the maximum capacity of photos of what we did that month. A timelined photo album. And you can see as the kids grow throughout the year. When I put my Christmas decorations, I also put all of the other albums out and we see how the kids change throughout the years.

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    1. That’s great! I tried doing that and it took forevvvver and then their server crashed I was so mad :( I’m glad it worked for you, I really wanted to have one also, you give me hope that I was just having a bad night?


      1. Oh, shutterfly has lost my calendar and I had to start from scratch which made me go crazy! But I don’t know what else to give these people so I had no choice….lol I have this USB stick where at the end of the month, I pick my face 13 photos of the month and save them I. A monthly photo, so at the end of the year it’s saved.;-)


        1. That’s a really great idea! I just pulled together over 1,000 photos to print but yikes I didn’t realize how much that would cost. I guess I’ll do a little at a time but I should get a USB stick like you just in case, right lol


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