It’s a busy time of the year, no?

This post was started on Sunday morning.. I’m finally gtting back to it today :)

I woke up this morning and when I came downstairs I couldn’t help but wonder if there was a ghost in my house last night. Every light was on and every kitchen cabinet door was open.

Do I really think it was a ghost? No, it was Marshal. The boy drives me crazy. I’m not going to talk about him again today though.

I really need to get this house in order and I plan on tackling it today. There are so many little messes in here that it feels like it will take a week to sort it all out but I know it won’t.

I didn’t write as much as I had thought but it was a good way to start because on Sunday Aidan took the kids to his folks (for the first time without me) and I got a shit ton of clean done. It felt great!

I got the whole upstairs dusted, vacuumed, windows washed, floors mopped.

In our room I put our duvet cover on that we haven’t used in a year. I Made the bed proper and put every single thing where it belongs.

In the boys room the toys were sorted through and purged then organized as were their clothes.

I cleaned out the bathroom closet and washed the shower curtains and rugs.

It was my goal to make room for all of the stuff that will need a home in the next week. I succeeded :P

I was able to get all of the stuff that belongs in the attic back into the attic and declutter downstairs. The tree is causing the most clutter lol but thankfully that’s temporary.

The first picture is the tree before it got a haircut. The second picture shows that it is still huge and takes up 1/3 of the room.


I did some laundry and while I was down there I decided to wash a my beautiful durrie rug I had in the basement. It got ruined when our hot water heater rusted out (the colors bled) but I still love it. So I figured another washing wouldn’t hurt. Now I am going to put it in Regina’s room. I rearranged the back room of the basement a little and swept.

In all I had the most productive day probably in all this year.

There is still a lot of cleaning I need to do downstairs but Aidan is still sanding the walls so I am waiting until that’s done because of the dust. I think (finger’s tightly crossed) that he will finish this weekend.

Yesterday I just about finished up Christmas shopping. I still need to place one order and get some more wrapping supplies. I will be done soon! I wrapped a lot of gifts but still have more being delivered. I hope everyone will like their gifts, don’t we all hope that?

This morning I have a meeting at the school. We will see how that goes.. I’ll update you next time if the whole situation doesn’t stress me out too much.

Have a great Tuesday everyone :)



3 thoughts on “It’s a busy time of the year, no?

  1. You made me exhausted just reading about everything you accomplished in only one day!
    Today we’re having an ice storm around here so we cancelled our Christmas show in Moncton and I rebooked us for next Wednesday, Dec 23. I don’t really want to be committed to doing a show that close to the big day but we hate to disappoint the special care home’s residents, either, so if the weather cooperates next week we’ll go up and perform. It’s only one afternoon, right?
    So I figured that today, because I can’t go anywhere, I would accomplish SO MUCH that I need to get done – laundry, cleaning, cooking, wrapping gifts, practicing music – but so far I haven’t done anything on my long list!!! What’s that all about?
    Instead I’ve talked on the phone to my daughter, caught up on reading, replying and writing emails, booked an appointment to have my car ‘detailed’ on Thursday, and browsed FB and blogs I try to read regularly. And here it is already almost 6 pm!
    So right now, today, you are my hero! Way to go, and maybe you will inspire me to get my butt in gear and at least start working on my list. :)


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