Stubborn or Stupid




There is so much that I have to write about when it comes to Marshal. Life’s been a struggle for him lately and he just can’t seem to shake it off. I don’t know if I mentioned that he went to truancy court for cutting just about all of his classes for most of the year.

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) the truancy officer knows my two kids and I very well and has been a great help to us for a few years. She met Marshal when he was in 5th grade, 4 years ago, when she was in the counseling department.

That time of our lives was the beginning of our long and difficult journey in regards to getting him diagnosed, medicated, therapy and an IEP. This was also at the time when everything blew up on the home front and led to my divorce.

In any case, she worked with Marshal and a few years ago started working with Regina when she was having a really tough time in school.

The truancy officer has been a great mentor for Regina, a caring support for all of us and has gone above and beyond in trying to help me help these kids.

So when we met a few weeks ago to talk about the big kids cutting and I found out how bad the situation was becoming I asked that she bring him to court. He doesn’t always (if ever) take me serious but he does pay attention to a judge.

So we went to court, he got the run down of the law and the consequences and a new meeting was set up with the school to see if we can get him placed in a smaller school. The high school here is huge and frankly too much for him. I’ve been pushing for placement at another school for him for over three years and (now that it’s almost too late) they are seeing it through my eyes.


Anyway. He’s involved with truancy courts.

But that wasn’t enough. Yesterday afternoon he was out with his friends at the local rec center and apparently there was a group of about 20 kids, 2 of which were fighting. A neighbor of the rec center called the police and said someone (matching my son’s description) had a knife and a gun.

Obviously a thousand cop cars pulled up and my son wasn’t aware of what was going on. He did have a knife on him and when they pulled up aggressively and demanded he get up against the car he took off running. Big mistake.

Anyway, he was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Escape. The police had him for bout 3-4 hours and were roughing him up. He was shook up when I got him. He doesn’t get it though. It’s all a mess and there is a lot more to say but now he is awake and talking to me about fighting charges. He really doesn’t get it.

I’ll write more later.



7 thoughts on “Stubborn or Stupid

  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine what you must be going through! <3 I hope that things really start getting better from now on!


    1. I’m telling you, it’s always something. I am really trying my hardest to get both of the big kids on track and then they do such stupid stuff. It’s mind boggling to me how little they think about what they are doing to themselves and the rest of us. I can’t give up though, not a chance!

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