Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock!

Man, another fast flying day here yesterday! How about you? Are the days leading up to Christmas and the New Year coming and going as fast as mine are?

Yesterday I asked Logan to help me wrap some of his Daddy’s gifts and he enjoyed it for the most part. He was upset with me for not letting him use the scissors but there weren’t any meltdowns. He’s been expressing an interest in using them for a couple of weeks and so I ordered a safety pair for his stocking :)

Logan is finally starting to get excited about Christmas. He doesn’t talk about Halloween as much as he did last week and he loves talking about and looking at anything Santa.

He’s been great about not pulling the ornaments off of our big tree. I told him it was Mommy’s tree and if he wants to look at an ornament he has to ask me so I can get it for him. The key there I think is getting them when he asks so he won’t try to get it on his own. He will play with whatever ornament and then say “all done!” then tap his finger to his lips and say “hmmm, which one?” while he looks for another to play with. He’s adorable!

One of his favorite ornaments is a Santa that talks and asks what he wants for Christmas. He always replies “presents and then says “ho-ho-ho.” Man I love that kids so much.

Logan isn’t to excited for the Elf on the Shelf but he does look for him every morning. Once he finds him he declares “I found Elf!” and doesn’t care about it anymore until the next morning.


Well, I am posting this now because I got interrupted for 6 hours and realized I never finished it..


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