There’s always next weekend..

Regina and I rarely get to go out into the world without toting the little kids along with us. It’s okay, I mean, I do have two little babies and all, but going out alone is something we should be able to do sometimes.

I’ve thought about it and there were two times we left the house without both the boys: Once we got our nails and toes done (awesome!) and another time we went to the supermarket (not so awesome.)

Anyway after having enough of listening to Maddox scream his head off on a drive home from the mall two weekends ago I promised her we’d go out Christmas shopping without them. I demanded that asked Aidan to watch the boys yesterday and Regina and I headed out into the wild for some long overdue girl time.

First stop: Starbucks. I like to go to the one at my supermarket because after buying six drinks you get the seventh one free. Yesterday I got one for free :) Awesome!

Second stop: Plato’s Closet. Regina had some stuff to sell and it’s not far from the mall. She ended up making like 16$ and we were ready to head to the mall.

We didn’t get there.

The fucking new truck wouldn’t start.

We sat in the truck trying every trick possible and referring to the manual then searching the internet trying to troubleshoot, fix the problem and get to shopping.

Yeah. No. It was my battery and Aidan had to drive all the way to us after stopping for jumper cables and getting a new battery. The kids couldn’t go with him because I had the car seats so I had to put my foot down on Marshal and make him stay at the house with them.

Aidan was super fast and soon enough we were on the road again, but we couldn’t stop anywhere in the fear the battery would deplete again. Aidan couldn’t change the battery in the parking lot because a) he didn’t have the socket wrench and b) we don’t necessarily trust Marshal to watch Maddox and Logan for more than a few minutes.

So our glorious shopping trip never happened. Arrrugh!!

Now we have to try to go after Aidan gets home from work one night this week or next weekend.

Other things that didn’t happen this weekend:

  • I didn’t win the lottery as I had planned
  • We didn’t see Aidan’s mom for her birthday as planned
  • No painting was done anywhere in the house as planned
  • Our new rug wasn’t laid out yet as planned
  • My hair wasn’t cut as hoped for

Sometimes shit just happens and we can’t get done what we want. Right? I haven’t had such a bust of a weekend like this in a long time, but it’s okay. There’s always next weekend. I’m just glad nothing bad happened!



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