And now for this week in ridiculousness..


I had mentioned the other day that I swapped rooms around downstairs to make space for a Christmas tree. I put the furniture from the dining room into the living room and vice versa.

I didn’t take pictures of the rooms before and after and now I am wishing I had..

Why can’t I do it now? Well, because Aidan complained the loudest and won.

Not so ridiculous yet.

I’m going to jump back a little further in the week here and talk for a minute about our bedroom and it’s need for a rug.

Drafty Odd Shaped Rooms

I am sure that I mentioned before that my house is roughly 100 years old. Having such a mature home comes with it’s quirks. In this case it’s super fucking freezing in here due to a lack of insulation behind the plaster walls.

In our bedroom we have a “bump out” which I suppose was a feature back in the early 1900’s but for now it’s not because the floor in this space is above our porch. There is no insulation in the floor or walls so it makes the room super freaking cold.

I used to have my bed in the space of the bump out and it looked nice but it was just entirely too cold in the winter.

One random day last year I decided to rearrange the whole room and put the bed against an interior wall. (Are you noticing a theme here with me moving furniture?)

Unfortunately, this meant that I now had to put Aidan’s dresser and ridiculously over sized tv in front of the window but that’s a whole other story. I will say though that I HATE Aidan’s furniture and how I still don’t know why I ever let him move it in here.

Back to the cold room:

Even though moving the bed made it a little more comfortable to sleep, the room is still very cold and drafty. Seriously the floor on the bump out side of the room feels like an ice cube.

So Aidan said we would get a rug to keep the draft out and insulate the room a little better.

Yay! I love getting new things for the house :)

Rug Hunting

It took us no less than hours and hours spanned over 4 days (maybe it was 5 or 6?) to finally order a rug.

At first I wanted wool. They are the best. And it had to be grey. Because neutral’s the way to go.

But jeeze, wool rugs — they shed like mad and I’ve already been going wild battling mini-sheep as it were. And holy shit — I forgot how expensive they can be.

So we looked and looked.

  • Pottery Barn — Crazy expensive and nothing stood out.
  • Overstock — Nice selection, nothing standing out.
  • Wayfair — Nice choices, decent prices. One rug stood out but it ended up being machine made. It was pretty nice and a much better price than wool.

Finally after searching unsuccessfully for days I decided to broaden my horizons.

I stared looking at machine made rugs. At Home Depot of all places.

Within a half hour of looking at the rugs I found two that I liked and thought Aidan would like. I also found one that made my heart go pitter patter but it’s main color was hot pink so..

Aidan said he liked the first of the two I send him a picture of and I bravely showed him the rug of my dreams fully expecting to be laughed at all the way to China.

He said, “Fine. Send me the link. I’m ordering it today.”

“Really???!” I jumped for joy. I thought it was a joke.

At this point I know he was just so fucking sick of looking at rugs he’d agree to anything. History was made, ladies.

So he ordered the rug and I begin to get nervous. What if it’s a disaster? What if my vision for the room doesn’t come together?

Trust the process..

And now back to the downstairs..

The rug came in on Friday and even rolled up I was feeling really anxious. The piping along the edges is hot pink. WTF did I do?

I rolled it out into the then living room and hated it.

Hated it.

What was I thinking? It’s so bright and colorful and so different than my boring neutral taste. OMG.

Then something happened.. Logan woke up from his nap and loved the rug.

I started to look at it differently.

When Aidan asked how the rug looked I said “It certainly is colorful.”
His reply: “You don’t like it.”

I could see the smoke coming out of his ears. I sent this picture to him..


It was at this point I began to fall in love.Something about seeing it in the picture just settled my nerves.

“It looks good! Are you sure you don’t want to keep it down there?”

Aidan saying that made me feel even better about my sporadic choice.

All of my dreams were coming true!

I could finally have living space to stretch out in. I wouldn’t have to move every fucking thing around every fucking time I needed to get up in that crammed (front) living room!

I was on cloud 9 thinking of the possibilities of once again having a large living room complete with my brightly colored rug!

Marshal came home and gave the rug 2 thumbs up. My day was getting better and better!

Then my joy bubble was burst.

“I still don’t like the dining room in this space. It doesn’t fit.” Aidan said when he came home from work.

Mother fucker.

He won’t let up on it. He never spends time down here but yet he still won’t let up on it. Grrr.

The tree

Yesterday morning Aidan took Logan to pick out the tree.

Quite frankly I was sick of hearing how much he doesn’t like the rooms swapped. I decided to choose my battles (he did let me order a hot pink rug after all) and while they were gone I moved everything back to the way they were before.

I wasn’t happy about it but I knew Aidan would be, and well, I love him and want to make him happy. I tried to focus on the positives and got excited for the Christmas tree that would warm up the house soon.

This is my lovely view now:


Fucking awesome.

He decided to get the tree straight out of Christmas Vacation and now it is towering in the fucking house taking up more space than all of the furniture combined.

Seriously do you see the size of this tree?

I think he got it on purpose to piss me off because I switched the rooms around. He’s passive-aggressive like that.


I’ll give the tree a trimming on Monday and fix it as best as I can.

Also I will focus on the transformation of my bedroom and do breathing exersizes while I’m downstairs. My room’s going to look super fucking awesome when I am done with it. I am debating between 3 paint colors and stalking the web for a few other items.

Seriously, trust the process.

Oh and hopefully the rest of the living room will be painted this weekend, it’s now going on four months. Can we move on??


2 thoughts on “And now for this week in ridiculousness..

  1. Hahaha – I’m sorry, Ginger, but your post made me laugh out loud. I can sense and understand your frustrations, but seriously- that tree??? What on earth was he thinking? And when you mentioned my favourite holiday movie, Christmas Vacation, I realized, yep, that’s the tree. All you need now is a squirrel to pop out of the branches at you and your life will be complete! Oh, and maybe invite Aunt Bethany over with her lime jelly.
    I love your new rug – are you keeping it downstairs? And if so, what are you putting in your bedroom? I’ve been debating getting a rug for my living room to help ground the space (I have hardwood floors), but have never been able to make a decision on what would look good. Maybe I’ll look for something with a pop of colour in it, too!
    Looking forward to pics of your decorated tree – do you really have enough ornaments to fill that sucker? Hehehe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m glad I made you laugh :) I’ve been trying to make light of situations and poke fun of myself for getting so worked up over minor things, I’m glad you were able to see the humor in the situation, too!
      Yeah, my tree.. He with the largest tree wins?? He won! lol
      We are moving the rug to our room where it was intended to be. I am a little sad that most of it will be covered up by ridiculous furniture, but I am still really excited to be getting my room in order. It’s been an eyesore since he moved in years ago!
      The brand of rug that I got was Safavieh and they have a lot with nice colors. They are sold at a lot of places but I found them on Amazon for the best prices and free shipping. I don’t know about Canada but it’s worth looking into!
      As far as the tree and decorations.. I do NOT have enough so I told Logan we were going to have to get busy making some more :)

      Liked by 1 person

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