Switching it up

I am so happy that it’s Friday! This week went by very quick and I am happy for that. It’s been another busy week here and I imagine they will all be busy until the end of the year.

Some of the gifts I ordered online started arriving and I think I will have Logan help me wrap them. He’s been getting bored and into trouble so anything new would be fun for him.

Last night he helped me make dinner. He really loves cooking and baking! Maybe we will make some muffins today, too.

We ordered him a kitchen set for Christmas and I think it will get many years of use. I know the big kids loved theirs for a long time, so I imagine Logan and Maddox will also enjoy playing with one also.

This weekend we are going to get a tree. I rearranged the downstairs and swapped the living room and dining room so that we could have the tree in the same room as the sofa. Yeah. I’m nuts.

I like it so much better this way though. There is much more room in the dining room and the table fits nicely in the living room. All of the baby stuff really takes up a lot of space and with the furniture swapped there is room to stretch out and not have to constantly rearrange stuff throughout the day.

Aidan doesn’t like this set up. Isn’t that how life goes? He doesn’t spend as much time down here as the rest of us do so nothing is set in stone..




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