It’s Been a Busy Week!

Well, hello! It’s been a super long time since I have been able to write and only for the reason that I haven’t had the time. Thankfully everything is fine around here (or normal at least) and I’ve just been busy.

Since Christmas is around the corner I’ve been trying to get Logan as excited for the holiday as he was for Halloween (yes, he still talks about Halloween and watches Halloween videos every chance he gets.

My first effort to get him excited for the season was to make ornaments with him. We made them early so he could give a set to his grandparents on Thanksgiving. I thought it would be nice if they could hang them on their tree for the whole year instead of a few days after Christmas.

It took us a week to make them because toddler and infant! but they turned out adorable.


Logan helped me make the dough I found a recipe for (along with the idea for the ornaments) from a page I follow on Facebook, Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds. Here is the link the page shared, if you are interested.

Anyway, the project was inexpensive, easy, and a lot of fun for both Logan and I. Over the week each day we worked on them. The first day we made the dough and baked the ornaments. The second day we started painting them and each day after we painted a little more, then added details, sealed them with Modge Podge and wrapped them in little gift bags for the grandparents.

Logan was so excited to give the gifts to his grandparents and still enjoys talking about the project when he sees the two we made for our house. “I made that!” he says proudly.

Mini Tree and a Kids Christmas Room

We have a small artificial Christmas tree that came from Aidan’s bachelor pad and this year I thought it would be fun to let Logan decorate it for his and Maddox’s room. Regina and I took them over to Target and we picked out a good amount of really cute (and kid friendly) $3 ornaments, garland and a star. It wasn’t expensive (around $30 for everything) especially considering we will use everything for many years to come.

We also picked up a plain wreath, a string of LED battery lights and added small ornaments to it. All together that cost around $11. I also bought a “Merry Christmas” garland for $3 and 2 initial stockings.

It was a fun project putting everything together and getting their room set up for Christmas. When we were done Logan gave everyone a “tour” of the tree and showed off and explained every ornament. He held his arms out and said “Ta-Da! I made that!”


He plays with his tree everyday, taking the ornaments off and rearranging them (all over his room). The OCD in me wants to yell at him to leave it alone, but he isn’t hurting anything, can’t get hurt himself and is enjoying the tree, which was what I really wanted, so I just ask him to hang them back up a hundred times a day.

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

This year the big kids went with their dad to NYC for Thanksgiving. They were gone for two nights and seemed to have a good time.


I missed them a lot but was glad to have a little break from Marshal.

Aidan and I took the littles to his parent’s house and we had a really nice time. His whole family was there and Logan got to play with his cousin while the grown up’s snuggled Maddox. After dinner we went to my parent’s for dessert and Logan got to play with his other cousin while Maddox got more attention.


On Friday we braved it and went to the King of Prussia mall. It was super crazy crowded and there weren’t any great deals but we did end up getting Logan snow boots, a winter coat and a new pair of regular boots. I am the worst mom ever and found this out when we measured his foot for new shoes… I had the poor boy walking around in shoes that were 2 sizes too small. I still feel guilty!

I also got a lot of stuff at Bath and Body Works and that kicked off my official Christmas shopping. I am almost done :)

Little Monster Elf

How cute is this kid?


Yes, cute maybe but an absolute monster when it comes to getting things done. He constantly wants to be held. Like ALL DAY LONG.

When it comes to this kid I have two choices:

  • Hold him and get nothing done
  • Try to entertain him, listen to him whine and get nothing done

I asked Aidan to get him a bouncy toy seat in hopes of entertaining him. It would have been ideal to wait until Christmas, but he’s big enough now to use it and seriously I need something to entertain this kid so I can put him down.

It arrived yesterday and Logan and I put it together while Maddox fussed. When we finally had it set up Maddox seemed to like it. For about 4 minutes..

While I was making this video of him enjoying it he quickly decided that he hated life and had to fuss.

Well, it was 4 minutes of happiness.

I think he was just overwhelmed though because when Regina and I put him in it a few hours later he played (and jumped!) in it for a bout 15 minutes. Hey, I can do dishes in 15 minutes :)

Well, that’s it for now. There is still a lot for me to catch you up on.. Painting progress! New rug for our bedroom, it’s finally getting a much needed face lift!! Shutterfly sucks! And more! I know you are all super excited ;)

Anyway, have a great day and I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving :)




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