I really shouldn’t complain but..

Yesterday was an okay day. Not bad, not great, but okay and almost good.

An exciting first half of the day..

Maddox wasn’t fussy again for the second day in a row and believe me that is surprising and wonderful. Logan wasn’t too terrible and when he did start acting up I distracted him with things like coloring, making eggs and then making dinner.

Then our new vacuum arrived and he had a ton of fun playing with the boxes and the attachments. He lives for both. Coincidentally I live for the vacuum too, it cleans things, and being without a working one for almost two weeks was driving me mad. So we were both very happy, entertained and busy once it arrived.

I am a sad and sorry housewife.

After sucking up 12 pounds of dust, rug shed and cat fur, I started to get the little ones ready to leave the house. Regina had a doctor’s appointment that required me picking her up after school. I threw caution to the wind earlier in the day and skipped Logan’s nap knowing it would be harder to wake him up early and get him ready than to deal with the crankiness. I also figured he’d pass out in the car, which he did.

Some brains..

I always try to give myself an hour to get the boys ready for an appointment. What takes an adult 15 minutes to do always takes 4 times longer with little ones. I was actually quite impressed when we were in the car 5 minutes early. Yay Mom!

I loaded Maddox up with squash before we left and he slept happily for the 2 hours we were out. The whole time. He didn’t wake up even once and that meant he wasn’t crying. Again, yay Mom!

Thrilling second half of the day..

After we got home Regina showered and I fed the little kids and entertained Logan with Youtube videos. Regina had to go to her new job at 6 to fill out paperwork and Aidan was going to be here so I wouldn’t have to bring the littles. Maddox puked all over himself for the 109th time of the day so I decided I’d give him a bath while I waited on Regina to get ready and Aidan to get home. Marshal had Logan on the porch and things were really calm and orderly so it was a prime time.

Aidan arrived on time, I gave him the run down of who needed what and when and then surprisingly Regina got to the mall on time. I found a spot in the parking lot and waited for her text to say what time she’d be done. Instead she called me 5 minutes later and said we’d have to go back tomorrow because the manager wasn’t there.


Oh well. It was better than sitting in a parking lot for 2 hours, right? I also got a little break from the boys and that was nice. Usually Regina and I chat a lot but we were pretty quiet. It was weird of us but okay, guess we both had other things to think about.

Back at home the house was still standing and Marshal and Aidan hadn’t murdered each other.


And now for some complaining..

I played with the little ones while Aidan used the bathroom and then we eventually settled into bedtime.

Aidan is really getting frustrated with my lack of desire to have sex. I know it pisses him off that I am never in the mood and it’s annoying to me that I am this way right now, too. What annoys me more is when he tries. I know, oh my god, I’m lame now. I am not trying to be this way, I just have so much on my mind and feel like the stress is never going to go away.

Plus I’m annoyed with him — about not painting the living room yet. He was off for two weeks and washed half of a wall.  Come on. I would be happy to do it if he’d take the kids out for the day, but noo I have to breastfeed and Maddox won’t take a bottle.

Anyway it’s been 75 fucking days since he started the project and he’s worked on it 3 times for maybe an hour each time. Are you fucking kidding? All the paint shit is all over the house, too. Clutter frustrates the shit out of me and it’s hard to clean around. Not to mention I am sick of telling Logan to not touch the stuff 34 times a day.

I think if he would just get the fucking project done we’d have tons of sex. Seriously, it’s really bothering me and I am pissed off at him so no I don’t want to do it.

It also aggravates me that he never puts his dirty dishes in the dishwasher.

I suppose if they are my only two complaints I should get over myself but damn I can’t just let it go. I also should just talk to him about it but I know he will get all defensive and that would just piss me off even more.

Breathe. It’s really not that bad.



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