Really super random

So Regina had a pretty good day yesterday, even though it was Marshal’s birthday it seems luck was on her side. Holister hired her and she officially has a new boyfriend.

I’m happy for her and I think it’s great that the job worked out despite her being a few minutes late to the interview and not dressed the way I thought she should have been.

I’m also glad she has her new boyfriend. She has been seeing him for a while and went to his homecoming game with him a few weeks ago so I’m glad they finally made it official. I haven’t met this boy yet but Marshal knows him and seems to like him and he definitely doesn’t like everyone.

This morning I tried to do a Julianne Michaels yoga video. I lasted 7 minutes. While the workout wasn’t very hard it was hard to see the poses and do them at the same time so I gave up. I haven’t done yoga in like 8 years so I really need a refresher and should probably watch the video first. I loved yoga in tthe past and know it feels so good so I really want to get back into it. Doing the few poses I do know by heart occasionally is good but not really beneficial.

I have my second psychiatrist appointment today and I wonder what he is going to say about me not taking that second medication for the bipolar. I just can’t take it knowing that they haven’t researched the effects on breastfed babies. Not worth the risk.

Well, have a great day.



One thought on “Really super random

  1. That’s great news about Regina’s new job and boyfriend (well, reserved great news about the new BF until you meet him and give him your mom-stamp of approval!) LOL
    Good luck at your appointment today. Will be thinking of you.

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