One Hell of a Friday

Let’s see.. it’s 7:30 am on a Saturday and everyone (except Maddox!) is already awake. I came downstairs at 6:30 to write and there was Regina.. She claims that she slept at her friends and came home super early because the girl has a job interview at 8am. Yeah. The hickey on her neck was a dead give away that she was just having a late night.

It was too early to argue so I just told her I didn’t believe her and started making coffee. She wanted to chat my ear off, which is nice and I usually enjoy but I wasn’t awake yet. Then I went upstairs to use the bathroom and came out to find Logan and Aidan stalking the door.

I brought Logan downstairs with me and was getting him set up with some breakfast when I heard Marshall coming up from his room. “Why is everyone awake?!” I asked Logan as if he knew the answer.

All of the big people have seemed to find their ways back to their beds. Now it’s just me and Logan and I suppose I had something to write about.

How exciting. My life is thrilling!

Yesterday was the pits

So yesterday sucked big time. Maddox fussed and fussed all fucking day and I wanted to drive myself off of a bridge. Okay that’s dramatic, but damn that kid whined and cried for like 10 hours straight unless I was holding him.. In very specific positions. He wouldn’t nap, he was having a hard time eating. All he wanted to do was poop and obviously I couldn’t do that for him.

Regina had an interview at Holister at 4pm and because of unpredicted and rediculous traffic she got there at 4:05pm. They still interviewed her but I don’t know.. Also I told her to dress for the job and while she looked nice she didn’t look like she was dressed for Holister, she looked more like she was interviewing at Hot Topic or Goths R Us. She was wearing Holister jeans.. black ones.. but whatever.

I had planned to apply a a few places while we were there but because Maddox was so stinking miserable and didn’t nap I didn’t get to shower. I was a hot mess (literally I had hot flashes all day from the depo shot) and totally discombobulated with my outfit. I don’t even think Five Below would have been interested in hiring me with the way I was looking. Plus  I had two little ones in tow — that doesn’t really scream professionalism.

Back at home Maddox screamed a lot more, in fact before we got home he screamed the whole ride there, 25 minutes non stop. When Aidan finally got home I bit his head off just because I was in a bitchy mood. I seriously was stressed the fuck out. It wasn’t nice of me but all I could think about was his luxurious life of driving by himself to and from work and then having a nice 8 hour break from this hell hole.

Of course he got Maddox to fall asleep and was obnoxious about it. If I had any strength in my body I would have punched him in the fucking face when he informed me of how brillant he is and how sucky I am. I threatened him with the murder of myself or him if he dared speak to me again for the rest of the night.


I went to bed early and even though I am still sweating like a pig I feel a little better knowing it’s a new day. I hope it’s better than the last.


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