Halloween 2015

We decided to take the boys to Aidan’s sister’s house so they could trick or treat with their cousin, who is the same age as Logan. We brought Logan there last year for his first year of trick or treating and they had fun.

Getting these two to sit/stand still for pictures was really hard, so these are the best that I was able to take. I remembered to bring my good camera with me but naturally I forgot to grab the memory card, so I had to use my phone. Oh well, they weren’t being too cooperative anyway :)

Logan had a lot of fun and was quite proud of all the candy he collected. He was too shy to say “Trick or Treat!” but was polite enough to say thank you after getting candy.

Maddox slept in his stroller for the whole hour that we walked around. An hour was the perfect amount of time for Logan who started asking to go home after 45 minutes.

If we go there again next year there will be another baby to bring along.. Aidan’s sister is having her second child in the spring.. We’ll have a whole gang! :)


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