Almost Four Months

Maddox is growing so fast, of course it’s to be expected because time moves fast, but wow, it really is flying by. Maybe it’s because he is my last baby ever or maybe I’m just not realizing how quickly they grow but it is shocking to me how quickly he is learning.

He’s started rolling over a lot, from his belly to his back and once he even did it from back to belly, but I missed that one. He started rolling over in his crib a few weeks ago and at first I though it was a fluke but he did it three times in a row. After that he started doing it on our bed. I figured that the cushions of the beds were making it easier for him, but last night he rolled over on his play mat and I caught it on video..

I was happy to get it on video but what I wasn’t expecting was him to start army crawling. I mean he’s still a week and a half away from being 4 months. It’s too early! But lo and behold he seriously army crawls and I caught that on video, too. The video is long because I was trying to catch him rolling over again but I’m glad I kept recording..

Nuts, right?

Marshal was a quick learner when he was a baby. He was walking and talking by 10 months and it looks like Maddox might be following in his footsteps. My mom swears I was walking at six months and I don’t believe her because that is just unbelievable, but watching him do this last night made me think maybe she is right?

In any case, at some point I am going to have two toddlers in here running around, climbing and getting into everything. I am not rushing it but I don’t think it can be stopped ;)

Maddox can’t sit by himself unsupported yet, but always wants to be sitting up, looking around and in on the action. It won’t be long now before he can sit by himself and I think that will make him happy. He loves watching everyone and playing peek a boo with anyone who plays with him. He’s also been getting good at holding a rattle and a teething toy and becoming more and more coordinated with them. It’s so fun watching him learn all of this new stuff. And the babbling is off the charts! He’s definitely a motor mouth :)

We are thinking of letting him try some baby foods soon. I didn’t feed baby food to Logan until he was 6 months old but with Maddox’s reflux, his interest in everything, and how my feelings of strictly breastfeeding have changed we might start him earlier. The baby food that Aidan picked up is for supported sitters so I think we will be letting him try it out soon! I’m pretty sure he will love that :)

So that’s where we are at the almost 4 month mark. It really is going by so fast and I wish it would slow down a little. While it’s exciting and fun to watch him develop it makes me realize that the newborn days are almost gone.



4 thoughts on “Almost Four Months

  1. I find it hard to believe you were walking at 6 months but hey – stranger things have happened! One of my bio daughters I gave birth to as a surrogate was RUNNING by 9 months old. I know that because I witnessed it with my own two eyes. Blew my mind.

    I hope M isn’t too much of an early walker for your sake! Chasing after two toddlers is not for the faint of heart. lol

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    1. Agreed and I really don’t believe my mother, I mean that’s really not normal. I think she just remembers wrong by about 6 months lol I can totally believe running at 9 months but have to say that’s really advanced, good for her! Maybe she will be in the Olympics :)!

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