Coffee Snob

I like coffee. I love good coffee. I am in love with good coffee and a particular brand of flavored creamer. I am mostly in love with good coffee and a particular flavored creamer when it’s in my favorite mug. Is that weird?

I used to drink coffee that came from a can with sugar and milk. The thought of that coffee makes me turn my nose up now though. When I think of bad coffee, I think of what I first started drinking, many moons ago at my parents home, when I was young. It was made with Folger’s, unfiltered tap water and milk and sugar. Blech. Over the years I have found better ways to brew coffee — I’ve tried different brands, different flavors, different machines and different beans.

These days I have a grinder and I grind my beans fresh for each cup. It was a gift from Aidan, one that I didn’t even know I wanted. The grinder was a great gift and one that changed the way I enjoy coffee. Now instead of buying pre-ground little (and pricey) bags of coffee at the supermarket he orders me big bags of fancy beans from Amazon but when I ran out a few weeks ago and had to buy coffee at the store before the next order arrived it really made me realize that I am now a coffee snob.

Don’t get me wrong — you can buy some pretty good stuff at the super market — Pete’s is good — but it costs more and isn’t the best you can find.  I don’t know why but decided to get a pre-ground (flavored) coffee that I used to like and buy all the time but guess what — it was disgusting. I ended up throwing away the bag because it was that gross to me. That coffee, the coffee from my old work and the coffee from my mom’s are three of the worst cups of coffee you could drink. The coffee that I make at home and drink from my favorite mug.. It’s the best.

So what are the coffee beans am I enjoying these days? I currently have a bag of Koffee Kult dark roast and I love it. I’ve also tried Kicking Horse, which is also very good along with Peets, which you can alternatively get in the supermarkets. The creamers I love are made by Nestle and are called natural bliss. I love this creamer because they come in simple flavors and don’t have a ton of chemicals, specifically partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

These days I’d rather pass on coffee if it might taste like the coffee I drank back in the day. I can’t believe I am even saying that but it’s true. I know there are even better beans and ways to prepare coffee out there and eventually I will find them, but for now I make delicious cups right here at home. Do you enjoy specific ways of making coffee? Particular brands?


3 thoughts on “Coffee Snob

  1. I love Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice… You are too funny though…I’m a hot chocolate snob, Starbucks being my favorite! I had gone to a nice restaurant and they have me Swiss Miss, I did not even touch it. Especially when you’re pregnant and you want something done right. Lol

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    1. Oooh.. Today I am going to give you a hot chocolate recipe for your crockpot then! Omg it is so so good! I’ll look for the recipe in an hour after the kids leave :)


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