Our Trip to New Hope

Yesterday I mentioned that we were planning on taking the kids on an adventure to take advantage of the beautiful weather. We ended up in New Hope and it was a great time. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of our outing, I suppose I was just to caught up in the moment and enjoying the time too much. I wish that I did get some pictures but it’s whatever, nothing to get upset about.

We took a long walk with Maddox in his stroller and Logan holding a hand. We were there for an hour and walked through the whole town, including peeking over bridges at the ducks, searching for Halloween decorations and peeking in windows at crafts. We didn’t go into any stores because having Logan who likes to grab everything seemed too risky, but that was fine with me. Logan got a lot of exercise, walking for an hour is a lot for him and Maddox was awake the whole time, but didn’t fuss once. I guess our plan was to get lunch here but we filled up on breakfast sandwiches and soft pretzels on the ride so none of us were hungry before we headed home.

It was a long drive — 45 minutes — to walk around, but it was a nice walk, it is a nice town and we had fun without spending money, so that was a big plus. We didn’t make it to the playground in Doylestown, I wasn’t even thinking of it and honestly Logan was pretty tired after the walk, so we will do that trip another time.

Today it will be cooler out — a high of 63 — but it won’t be too cold to leave the house. I don’t know what my plan for the day is just yet. I’d love to take another adventure but I don’t know what we will do. I do know that I need to deep clean the kitchen and make a few phone calls, but that stuff won’t take all day. It’s nice having Aidan here, it’s great that the weather is nice too and we can just enjoy time with the boys and as a family while the big kids are at school. “School.” They have been cutting apparently and honestly it is causing me a lot of stress. I don’t know why they can’t just get their shit together, but that is another post for another day when I feel like dealing with it.

Well, have a nice day and weekend!


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