Two Days and Counting

Yesterday was a bust, but not in a bad way. Since Aidan is starting a new job in 2 weeks his current job told him to just stay home. Unless he has meetings he is going to be here. They took his current project and gave it to someone else and now he gets a pretty nice vacation, with pay, before he starts at the new place. So anyway — back to yesterday — since he was home he played with Logan upstairs all day while I took care of Maddox downstairs. He had them both for a little while so I could get some cleaning done but that’s really all we did yesterday. Logan didn’t mind being with his Daddy all day, he seemed to love it actually.

Today though I really want to get them to the playground. The warm weather will be gone for good soon and I am not one to like being outside in the cold. I really need to take advantage of it before we are trapped inside all winter. Regina has therapy this afternoon but aside from those two things I’ve got nothing on my plate. I’d like to get the slipcovers washed again and maybe drop off the rugs for cleaning. We will see what I get done around here today.

Right now I need to get in the shower, I’m feeling pretty gross because the depo shot gives me hot flashes and I’m just sticky. At least I’m not pregnant! Speaking of birth control, on Friday Aidan can start having sex again and we have been counting down the days. It’s been a few weeks and we definitely need the stress release! Woo hoo! I’m glad that I finally came around after Maddox’s birth, it felt like it would never happen but it did :)

Well, have a nice day everyone!


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