Plenty to Say

After it being pretty cold here for the past 2 days the temps are going back up into the 70’s for the rest of the week. I’m happy about that.. It’s too early to have the heat on, but it’s been on because it’s dropped below freezing already. Nuts, right? Since it’s going to be warm again I will be taking advantage and getting the kids to the park. Logan has been on a “no home” kick lately and I suppose I can’t blame him. It does get boring around here.

On Sunday we went to my nephew’s 4th birthday party. There were 4 kids there (5 if you count Maddox)  and a lot of adults. Logan had the time of his life. My nephew has ever single toy in the world (well, not every one but pretty dang close) and Logan was in Toy Story heaven. He played the whole time with the toys and had to be forced to eat something. He had a nice time with the other two boys, but they were older so they played together and Logan was mostly by himself, but he didn’t mind. Yesterday he kept saying “Where the peoples? Where’s Zurg? The party. Go back Minions? No home” It was cute the first few times but after a few hours of it I was starting to get annoyed lol

Speaking of Annoying..

Another thing that’s been an annoyance is Maddox and teething. It seems way to early for it to start but apparently it’s not. He is super duper fussy and drooling like mad. He’s also shoving everything in his mouth that he can and having a hard time nursing. When he is given Tylenol he seems to feel much better but I don’t even feel any teeth yet, so I can see he is going to be a fun guy to get through this phase.

The aggravation doesn’t stop there though — the office where I have been meeting with my therapist called me the other day to let me know that my therapist no longer works for them. I’ve only met with her twice but now I feel upset that I need to find someone new. They don’t have any openings with their therapists until January and I had a hard enough time setting up something in the first place because I was reluctant. Argh. Figures, right? So. That’s great.

Even better, yet — Regina informed me yesterday that she was fired from her job. She said it was because they were cutting back hours for the season but I think she tried calling out (probably one too many times.) That’s obviously on her but I worry she will become depressed. She has a pretty good lead at the salon she goes to, they are moving locations and said she could work there when they move, but they don’t know when they are moving. I reached out to my BFF to see if she could get her into Ulta, working with her, but they don’t hire under 18. So. That’s great, too.

Better Things to Talk About

I’m back to meal planning and cooking. We have been spending entirely way too much on takeout and are going to stop. Last night I made chicken fingers, corn and mac and cheese. Logan was thrilled, I think it’s his favorite meal. He kept saying, “yay, so excited! delicious!” He’s the best. Tonight I am making Nachos then Wednesday ground beef and pasta, Thursday I’ll make Black Bean soup and Friday French Onion Soup. I don’t know about the weekend but I’ll figure that out. I really enjoy cooking and even though I am not making anything fancy or complicated it feels good to get back into the kitchen nightly with a plan.

The increase in my prescription for Zoloft seems to be working better. I haven’t had a panic attack in 2 days and my mood seems to be on the up and up. That is fantastic. I hope it lasts. I’m still feeling anxious but when don’t I? Hopefully in a few weeks that feeling will go away also.

Well, have a great day everyone and if your where it the weather will be nice for the next few days, enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Plenty to Say

  1. You made him eat and interrupted his playing time? Bad mommy! Lol That sucks about the therapist. My high school counselor was just great and the she retired in the middle of my senior year, then the new one was a real bitch. Ugh…anyway, I was considering driving the 2 hours to go to see counselor at her practice, but I can’t drive in the winter pregnant. Bleh.

    I love how you can meal plan…every time I do it, something happens….lol

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    1. I agree with the meal planning and something happening. It happens around here a lot too. I think you just need to be flexible if one night doesn’t work out just roll with it and continue. Quick meals are the easiest way to start up the habit.. Hence my menu this week lol I’m just cooking from the pantry and freezer. I think the only thing I need to get is sour cream!


      1. I looooooove sour cream…easy recipes…roasting a chicken in the oven is easy…I like what you are making…but Frankie won’t eat half of it, and Alex is starting to get picky also…ahhhh. That’s what I get for being so picky when I was little.

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