Hair Cut and Halloween Store

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, in the morning I wanted to get the little ones out of the house but didn’t know what to do with them. I wasn’t in the mood for the playground, even though Logan was, so I had to do something entertaining for him. What big fun — I took him for a haircut and then we walked through the Halloween store. It wasn’t very exciting but it served it’s purpose of getting us out of the house. Maddox was a super crank so I had to take him out out his infant seat and carry him the whole time, which proved challenging when Logan knocked over rows and rows of beauty products that were on display at the hair salon. Other than that hiccup things went fairly smoothly.

I’m sure the hairdressers were convinced that Logan was going to be a monster in the chair with the way he was acting after the knocking over of the products. He was sulking and laying on the seats and saying “no haircut.” Once he was bribed with a lollypop he decided to act right and sat still while the hairdresser worked on shaping up his hair. She complimented on how well he was behaving and that made me feel proud.

In the Halloween store Logan got scared of a display they had of decorations. The fake zombies and animated witches actually caused him to cry really hard and loud but as soon as I moved him away, explaining they were fake he was fine. We walked around while he saw a lot of familiar character costumes like the Hulk, Captain America, Spiderman, Sponge Bob, Ninja Turtles, etc. He was fine just looking at everything and didn’t ask for anything. It was great. When I had enough of carrying Maddox who was feeling super heavy I distracted Logan with his lollypop and steered him out of the store.

When we got home he played with play-dough while I fed Maddox. Then it was lunch and nap time and before I knew it the big kids were home from school. They both had work last night so it was pretty quiet in here. Aidan took the little kids upstairs for a little while and I watched some tv before going upstairs to feed Maddox.

My life is super exciting.


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