Long Weekend and Lots of Activities

It was a long weekend for everyone here and I haven’t had the chance to write on account of sleeping in. On Thursday I got another depo shot and then on Friday Aidan got his vasectomy. I wanted to be sure there’d be no chance of any slip up’s while the vasectomy was working it’s magic over the next few months so I went ahead with the shot. I wish I didn’t have to do it though because it makes me a crazy person for the first six weeks. Can you say mega-bitch? Oh and hot flashes? Anyway, that will all be history soon, just like his sperm. He was brave and suffered a bit so I love him even more now than ever.

In an effort to let him rest as much as he could I made sure to take the little ones out as much as I could. We went to the park a few times, went to another pumpkin patch with the big kids and went out shopping for a fall coat for Logan and then lunch. I also tried to keep them entertained downstairs so Aidan could rest upstairs. He got to play a lot of video games and nap this weekend so I hope the days helped him heal and recharge.

Today I have a doctors appointment and I’m going to ask for a stronger dosage of the Zoloft. It’s working a little but not enough. Tomorrow I think Regina and I are going to take the little boys downtown via train and have lunch at the Reading Terminal. I also want to look for this bakery that has a cake Aidan keeps talking about. He doesn’t like cake in general but he keeps talking about this particular one. We’ll see if I can find it. He deserves a cake after getting his balls snipped I think. ;)

Other than my appointment today the rest of the week is open, so that feels nice. Next week will be busier, we have a few appointments so I’ll take the break where I can get it. I’m going to try heading over to the Y with the littles this week. Maddox is officially old enough to be in the child care section.

3 months, man time goes so fast! It feel like just yesterday I was still pregnant and super uncomfortable, or like he was a newborn. He has a really great personality and not only is he very playful but he is also very curious. He wants to know about everything going on around him. He plays with us already and cracks us up with his little growls and squeals. He is a super happy little boy but gets really cranky when his reflux is bad. And it’s bad. I have to change his clothes no less than 3 times a day because he soaks them with puke. I don’t know how he is gaining weight, but he is. The doctor told us it would get worse before it gets better and that 3-5 months would be the peak. Hopefully it will be down hill soon. Reflux is a very messy and annoying thing. Poor guy. He is happy despite it though and I think that’s great.

Well, have a great day and a nice week :)



4 thoughts on “Long Weekend and Lots of Activities

  1. Oh my goodness–your little ones are almost too cute for words!
    I had a chance yesterday to hold a little guy who is turning 3 months old today, and I loved every minute of it. We were in a local coffee shop and while the six adults chatted he sat in my arms quite happily, fell asleep for a forty-five minute nap and woke up happy and curious and smiling again. Such fun (especially since I could give him back to his mama when the time came. LOL)
    Glad to hear that Aiden is recovering from his surgery.
    My Gary had a vasectomy after our second child was born–he said it was the least he could do as I had gone though so much to carry and deliver our children, and I loved him for that. Some men at that time refused to have that simple operation done – believed it would affect their ‘manhood’.
    In my opinion, that alone said volumes about their manhood and not in a good way.
    Have a great week, Ginger!

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  2. That man definitely deserves the cake!! A lot of men want to hold on to their manhood as long as possible and aren’t interested in getting the snip. So give that man cake! Lol.

    Your little man is tooooo cute for words. I couldn’t help but smile hugely at the gigantic smile on his face!

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