Autumn Adventure

Yesterday’s pumpkin picking adventure was interesting. I loaded the boys up into the car pretty early and we took the 45 minute drive up to Doylestown to visit a farm called Hellerick’s Family Farm. When we first pulled up I was a little confused, the website made it appear to be a huge farm with a ton of activities but that is not what it looked like. It kind of felt like I was pulling into someones (big) back yard with things for sale. I wouldn’t say that the website lied but let’s just say whoever did their website really did a great job and made the farm more impressive than it actually is.

The people were really nice and chatty and while I waited for my friend and her son to get there Logan checked out the pumpkins in a small area below the activities. Once my friend arrived we walked up a hill to a nice sized playground. Unfortunately there were thousands of gnats swarming all over so it was really hard to see and very annoying. The boys had fun climbing on the slides and little tractors but we’re also getting aggravated with the bugs. We decided quickly to walk up a hill to try getting away from them and saw the animal section.

Once we got there we saw that the animals were a bunny, 2 chickens, 2 sheep and 2 goats. There were signs posted not to touch or feed the animals.  I was disappointed that it wasn’t a petting area because I though Logan would really enjoy that. The boys didn’t know the difference but my best friend and I were kind of upset that it was pretty lame. And that we were still being attacked by swarms of gnats.

After about a half an hour the gnats went away and we headed towards the hayride. The boys loved it and even Maddox had a good time. After the hayride they played with pumpkins, rolling them down a long slide a few times. We decided there wasn’t anything left to explore so we headed out. On the way out of the exit Logan wanted a little pumpkin so I got it for him. He loves the pumpkin and fell asleep holding it in his car seat. Honestly — it was a fun outing (though not impressive) for the boys and that was the point of the trip.

On Sunday we are taking a family trip to Linvilla Orchards. We’ve been there a few times and that place is impressive. I’ll get some bigger pumpkins there and Logan will have another pumpkin adventure.





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