Pumpkin Picking Today

Today my best friend and I are taking the kids to a pumpkin patch in Doylestown. It will be the third time I’ve been to the area in about 6 weeks and I am excited to be going. I love this area and when I win the lottery it will be a contender of places I will move, too. Heh. Really though that’s the only way we could afford to move there.

It’s going to be nice out weather-wise and I think Logan and my best friends son who is just a few weeks younger will have a blast. There are activities for them to do and of course picking out a pumpkin. It’ll be nice for me and Melisa to hang out, too. I hope Maddox will be okay, he was cranky as hell yesterday and we think he is starting to teethe. It seems early but anything is possible.

Well I hear babies waking up and I need to shower before they are awake, awake. Have a great day :)


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