Working On My Outsides

My fingernails really need to be cut, they are like weapons! Not only are they like weapons but they are also getting in my way of doing a lot of things, like working my keyboard easily and using remote controls.

My nails always grow fast and strong — I suppose that is a good thing. I like them to be a little long but these are too long and they really need to be cut down. The last time I had them short was when Regina and I went for mani/pedi’s in August.

I’d really like to go get another manicure but now that Regina is in Cosmetology school she comes home with lots of horror stories, usually surrounding nail salons. I guess I should just do them myself but who has the time? Not me anymore! I should do what works and just do them in phases as I can like I used to. For real, it will take me two days til I’m done but it is what it is..

In other vanity news I’ve blown dried my hair three times (or two?) this week. I know this doesn’t seem worthy of writing about but believe me.. It is. Before this week I hadn’t touched a blow dryer in probably a year.I haven’t even had my hair cut in a year so I had no idea what it looked like down. The cut grew out pretty well but I should get something done. I just want it to be long. And not dead. But it is kinda dead-dry so I need to get on that.

I’ve also been putting myself together a little better this week and it feels good. Hair done(ish), makeup on, clothes that fit and look kinda cute. Really, it feels good to not look like a slob 24/7. I actually felt really pretty on Saturday! We didn’t go anywhere but it still felt nice to feel like I looked nice. Aidan told me how beautiful I was, too. He says that a lot and usually I reply with “yeah. right.” This time I smiled and said thanks and I meant it.

I’m getting myself together on the outside a little by little. :)



One thought on “Working On My Outsides

  1. Nice to pamper yourself! Wait till you can be Regina’s dummy for class…I think you will have a great time… My nails are soft…so they break easy. Hey.. Your man says you are beautiful… Then danm it girl… YOU ARE HIS HOT MAMA!!!😜

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