Getting Close to the End of the Year

Here we are at Wednesday and once again the week is flying by. This morning Maddox gets another set of immunization shots and tomorrow is my first therapy appointment with a new therapist. I have to bring the little kids with me to the therapy session, so hopefully they will behave. They usually do at Regina’s sessions so it should be okay.

Aidan had an interview on Monday that seemed to go really well. The meeting was two hours long so that seems really good to me. He liked the building and the job description but there it is a start-up and requires A LOT of hours so he will most likely turn it down if it’s offered to him. He said if he were young and single he’d jump at the opportunity, but working 12 hours a day and on the weekends with no chance to work from home with two little kids would just not be feasible. I’m glad he is putting us first, and not surprised, but feel bad that he seems interested otherwise. I hope something will come along even better for him and I think something will.

This weekend we don’t have any solid plans but I know Aidan wants to bring the little boys to visit his family. I’m not sure what day we will do that or what we will do the other day but not having plans is sometimes nice. Or usually nice. I like to not have plans :) We have spent way too much money in August and September so whatever we are doing will not involve shopping or a costly event. I believe the Cape May Zoo is just donations to enter so maybe we will squeeze that in before it gets too cold.

I have to order a Christmas stocking for the baby from Pottery Barn to match the others that we have but have a $25 off $50 coupon so I’ll get that and maybe personalized Halloween candy buckets. I can keep the total around $50 and I think they are all free ship items so we wont spend more than the $25 using the coupon. We also need to order Halloween costumes for the boys but other than that we’ve declared October as a no spend month. And November, too. I can’t believe I am already thinking about Christmas and if it weren’t for that holiday I’d say we need a no spend month then also. Gads, it’s almost a new year.

Well, have a great day everyone.


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