Hating on the Mama

The weather here is so disgusting! It’s been crazy humid and although the temps haven’t been higher than 82 the thick sticky air makes it feel awful. This morning there is fog so thick that I thought there was a fire somewhere. It’s supposed to rain a lot this week, too.

Aidan unplugged the window air conditioners last week and was going to remove them from the windows after they dried out. I’m glad he didn’t get that far though because I am going to plug them back in and turn them on today. This sticky warm air makes skin feel disgusting and it is wreaking havoc on my body. My joints hurt terribly and I’ve got a headache that just won’t quit. Hopefully after this rainy week it will settle down again.

Clothes that Fit and Great Deals

On Sunday I was able to pick up my jeans and return the shirts that don’t fit me well. When I tried the jeans on with my new shoes I was so happy I almost did a little dance. They fit perfectly! Why have I never gotten pants altered before?! I know going forward I will have it done. The art of growing old :)

Besides picking up my jeans and returning my shirts I went to Plato’s Closet to get the security tag removed from the sweatshirt I bought last weekend. Marshal came with me and found two long sleeve Polo shirts for $24 so I bought them for him. The last place we stopped at was my favorite consignment shop where I tried to sell my maternity clothes and a coat I’ve had for a few years. They didn’t buy anything from me, which was surprising but was whatever. While we were waiting for them to look at the clothes Marshal found a nice tee for $6 and I super lucked out and found a grey Michael Kors wool pea coat for $29. Score!

I’m Such a Bitch!

Regina was pretty pissed with me on Sunday because I told her I’d take her to the mall after work to look for a costume for a contest they are having in school. I also told her to clean her room. A trillion times. So without her doing a single thing in her room AND being late for curfew on Friday I didn’t feel the need to take her. Gimme, gimme. Of course she hated my guts and didn’t clean her room. Then she sent me a text during the day yesterday asking if I was going to take her after school. “Is your room clean?” Again with the gut hating. It’s whatever though. Ge your shit off of the floor.

The Incredible Hulk

Marshal was also super pissed with me on Sunday. He blew his curfew on Saturday night despite me telling him not to and that there’d be consequences if he did. I cut the wi-fi and he flipped his shit. He tries to intimidate me with his craziness but it just rolls off of my back. I guess he carried on for about a half hour before realizing I wasn’t budging. Yesterday he had a melt down too over Regina putting his clothes on the dryer. He was even more aggressive and crazy and I when he acts so wild I wonder if he will ever out grow his temper. When he got home from school he apologized right away but it should never happen in the first place. I don’t know if he is going to stay like this and be a dick like his dad. I really hope not, I work hard to raise him differently. Only time will tell.

Well, that’s all for today, I hear the babies up and better get to them before it becomes a tear fest. Have a great day :)


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