Hello Fall!

Things have been pretty busy here this week, actually this whole month now that I think about it, but it’s been good for everyone. Everyone that is except for Marshal, who has been sick since the beginning of school with a long-standing head cold.

Male Drama Sickness

Marshal’s had it with the sickness and is really starting to lose his cool, having daily melt downs about his symptoms. It’s been *super* fun hearing him yell and curse and throwing tantrums about wanting to die. I can understand the frustration but the dramatics are really.. Dramatic.. and annoying. Sigh.

Besides him, the rest of the house is doing well and keeping busy enjoying the weather and change of season.

New Season New Attitudes

Aidan has been looking for a new job because he is bored of his. He’s been at his current job for about two years and has grown increasingly frustrated with the office politics and lack of creativity he can use. Interviews have been keeping him on the phone and scratching his head as to how to fit them all in. He’s in a great field and is lucky to have so many options!

Regina has been busy with school and work and seems happier this year than any other. I caught her doing homework the other day and almost had a heart attack. I’m really happy for her and glad she is finally learning about things she likes. I only wish she was in the tech school last year, but that’s water under the bridge. We will figure out the rest of her schooling so she can get her license as a hair dresser next year. Aside from the tech school she is starting to get involved with a lot of senior activities and I only hope that it continues. We were talking about looking for a prom dress the other day. I’m really excited for her :)

As for me — I’ve been taking the little boys out to enjoy the weather at the playground this week. Even tho Maddox just sleeps, Logan more than makes up for it being active when we are at the playground. I also took Logan to the mini golf course at Regina’s work last night. He didn’t understand the concept but it was nice to have him do something new and spend time with him without Maddox distracting me.

It’s been a fun week and good for them (and me especially) to get out of the house.

Short and Sweet

My parents came over for a visit yesterday and that was nice. It wasn’t a long visit but long enough for them to see the little ones before I had to put Logan down for his nap. They brought him a couple of construction trucks and he played with them and my dad for most of the visit.

We don’t get to see my parents very often, so it was nice to catch up and good for them to see the little kids while they are still adorable :) Marshal seemed hurt that they didn’t stay to see him after school but the traffic from Philly to NJ gets really bad in the afternoon so they left around 1:30pm. I’ll have to take all of the kids down for a visit one of these weekends.

Lock Down

This weekend the Pope is in town and they are being crazy with the road closures and everything else. The city is basically shut down to vehicles and they are warning that the outskirts will probably be a mess. We were trying to leave the area for the weekend just to avoid it all but instead we are just staying here. Aidan thinks we will be able to visit his parents but I am not trying to sit in stand still traffic so we will play it by ear. Also I really, really want to paint this living room and move on!

Well, that’s all I have for today. I’ll leave you with a video of Logan on the swings the other day just because his laughter is adorable and contagious! Have a great Friday everyone :)


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