Parenting Differences

It’s already quarter after 7 and I’ve just woken up and made coffee. This is what sleeping in looks like these days and really it is sleeping in because usually I wake up at 5:30. I was passed out hard by 9pm last night. I have been so tired lately and I guess the 10 hours of sleep that I got was needed. Of course I was woken up a few times, by Aidan and by Logan but still.. 10 hours is a lot of time to sleep.

When you become a parent you pretty much lose the luxury of sleeping, at least until the kids are older and don’t need you for things like changing diapers and getting them breakfast. Even now with two teens I have to get up early to get them off for school. I do miss the weekends when I could sleep until 9 or 10 though. They seem like a million years ago but it was only 3.

When I was a kid and a teen I wanted to sleep the whole day away. My mom always woke me up though. I never understood that. Even now I don’t. If the big kids are sleeping I let them. They need it and it’s quiet so go right ahead and sleep until 2pm. But my mom — she wanted me up by 10 and acted like that was so late. I guess she didn’t want me staying up late, I don’t know.

My mom also never really wanted me going out. I suppose I can relate to that more but I still don’t keep my kids here unless they are punished. Sure, I like having them around and knowing that they aren’t getting in trouble, but I also like to give them freedom. I rebelled as a teen from all of the restrictions I had and didn’t want my kids to do the same. I did plenty of bad things but I never got caught. My kids, even with all the freedom, get into trouble and always seem to get caught. So I don’t know whose way was better. Lock them up or let them roam. I mean, kids are going to do what they are going to do right? The difference between me and my kids though is respect and shame. I respected my parents and felt shame if I disappointed them. My kids, meh, they aren’t quite there. I usually made my decisions thinking “what if I get caught” my kids just don’t think that way at all.

Well, I don’t even know how this post came about but I hear the babies up and Maddox is excited for the Thomas the Train trip today. I hope you all have a great weekend and if you’d like to share your parenting style vs your parents and why you think it works or doesn’t I’d love to hear about it!


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