Horrible With Titles

I Was Great and then I Wasn’t

Yesterday morning I was really productive after writing. I did some laundry, changed the cat litter, cleaned out the cats water thing, hosed off the front porch and watered all of the plants all before Aidan woke up. I felt proud of myself but the rest of the day was a bust. I watched tv while Logan played with my phone and his toys and Maddox slept and ate. All day long I didn’t do anything other than eat everything in the house and veg out. I wasn’t feeling good and suppose I needed the rest but days like that bother me because there is always so much to do.

This morning I’m not feeling any better, in fact, I actually feel worse. My allergies are kicking my ass this year and my body is really sore. My stomach hurts too because I literally couldn’t stop eating yesterday. I still haven’t gotten my period and I am wondering if this crazy hunger is being driven by PMS or a side effect of the Zoloft. Either way it’s not a good thing! Today I am just going to resist the urge to shove my face full of carbs. Ha! Like it will be that simple.

Snippity Snip

This morning Aidan has a consultation at the urologist for getting snipped. I asked him more than a few times if he was okay with getting it done. I mean, I 100% do not want any more children. I’ve had four and have been parenting since I was 20. He on the other hand has only had kids for two years and they are both boys. I don’t want to be negative but in reality we don’t know what the future holds and I just want to make sure he is absolutely satisfied with our two boys only. Sure he is a step dad to Regina but he didn’t get to raise her from the start. There is no guarantee that there would even be another girl in the future anyway, so I’m glad he is getting the procedure done.


Tomorrow we are driving over to Lancaster to take the little ones on a Thomas the Train train ride. I think it is going to be a lot of fun, especially for our two year old Logan. He loves trains and likes Thomas plus he is an adventurous little boy who loves doing activities. We will ride on two trains — one that looks like Thomas and the other a steam engine that looks old fashioned. There will also be activities there like face painting and games so I think it will be a really nice time. Of course the baby won’t have any idea of what’s going on but he is becoming very curious and social when it comes to the world around him so I think it will be good for him, too.

Get to Painting.. Please?

We don’t have any plans for Sunday and that’s the way I like it. One day to do something and one day to rest. Of course I am hoping that we will work on getting the living room painted because it hasn’t progressed since Aidan fixed the wall but I am not to hopeful. It takes him forever to do finish projects. While that drives me crazy it’s not something worth getting all bitchy about. It will get done, hopeffully before I get super irritated. It’s a big project, which is why I avoided it in the first place. Maybe I’ll just do it. If he doesn’t like how I am doing it he can take over :)

Well, have a great Friday! I’m so glad it’s Friday, aren’t you? Do you have any plans for the weekend?




One thought on “Horrible With Titles

  1. F-ing projects!!! Seriously, I know what you mean! Lol I have been tackling the list of things to do to sell this house and is like to sort of bite Mike’s head off because he’s not doing what he needs to do, but then again, idk if my hormones are making me nuts so I don’t want to be a nag, you know… But idk how long it will last. Lol

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