Loud Music

My teenagers think I’m an old cranky lady when we are driving somewhere. The radio is always “too loud” and I am constantly saying “turn it down!” The truth is for the most part I just can’t stand the music they like to listen to. My daughter has better taste in music than my son, who just listens to rap, but even sometimes her music is too much for me.

They think I’m old and don’t like loud music but the truth is I do like loud music when it’s a song I’m into. Whenever I am alone in the car I turn the volume up pretty loud. I think they’d have a heart attack if they knew that. Yesterday while  I was in the car alone for a few minutes the song Sail by AWOLNATION came on and I was jamming. Yes jamming. I’m cool. Especially for using words like jamming. Anyway, I like this song, it’s old but it still gets me a little hyper.

Another thing to note about this song is that every time I hear it I think of this “creative” video some girls made on Youtube. It cracks me up and I am going to share it with you, just in case you’ve missed it.

Have a fun day and listen to your favorite songs loudly when no one else is around :)


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