Here Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

I am so tired. So so so tired. Maddox woke up at 2 and then again at 4 to eat. When he got up at 4 he ate for a while a fussed a little so I changed his diaper and by the next time I looked at my clock it was 4:55. My alarm is set for 5 to get the kids up. Ugh. I fell half asleep and played tango with the snooze button until 5:40 and now here we are at 10 after 6. I just want to go back to sleep.

Of course there is a lot to do today, it always seems that when there is a lot to do I don’t get enough sleep. Why is that? I know it happens to everyone! Maddox’s appointment at the doctors today and he will get his first set of shots. Yay. Then Regina and Marshal have an appointment after school. Lastly, Aidan is meeting up with a friend tonight, right around Logans bed time. I am going to be consuming a lot of caffeine today, just to keep up with everyone.

Yesterday I got a lot done, too. Regina and I left early and went to Lowes for the rest of the outside stuff, Barnes and Noble for a book (and Starbucks), Target for diapers and a few other things, and a uniform store for pants and shoes that she needs for her cosmetology school. When we got back at 1 I was brain fried. Maddox slept the whole time so that was great but it was still a lot of in and out and thinking to do. It felt good to get everything done though :)

Hopefully today will go quick and smoothly. I also hope Maddox isn’t a terrible grump after his shots and that Logan will be well behaved today. Only 16 hours til bed time ;)


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